Game of Thrones: What’s next for Westeros?


Though the most popular fantasy drama may be over, the legacy is living on through possible Game of Thrones prequels.

Game of Thrones ended just a few days ago, and I already miss it. It’s going to be tough moving on knowing no new shows based on this timeline, and these characters will ever come again.

But, prequels are coming.

We’ve reported it before that a Game of Thrones prequel will begin filming next month. We don’t know much aside from a few castings. But in an interview with Deadline, HBO programming president Casey Bloys provided some insight as to what we can expect.

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Basically, don’t expect it any time soon. Bloys said:

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"“The last thing I want to do is put that sort of pressure on the prequel.”"

He also said that the prequel’s creator, Jane Goldman, is creating a completely different show, with different characters, in a different time in Westeros.

They want to do it right, which I, for one, am appreciative of. Take with that what you will.

Bloys also said that just because Martin said that three prequels are in the works, it doesn’t mean that would end up on the premium network.

"“I certainly do not want to overdo it. I think Game of Thrones is a fantastic property, but I don’t want to just be the home of prequels and sequels and all that stuff.”"

Bloys already said that there would be no direct spinoffs of the current iteration of Game of Thrones. That would mean the outpouring of support for an Arya-centric spinoff is most likely a no-go. He said,

"“Dan and David’s show as it stands in eight seasons, I want to leave it as its own work of art and not have shows directly, having Arya do that.”"

Bummer! I think there are enough Arya fans out there that a series centered around that character would garner a ton of attention. Plus, Maisie Williams has more than proven she could carry a show on her own.

Of the fan reaction to Season 8 of Game of Thrones, and more specifically, the final episode, Bloys wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, he seems to be happy about the passion Thrones fans have exuded. He’s also completely supportive of his two star showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

"“Dan and David have had a plan for how they wanted the show to go for a long time, and they did it the way they thought fit as creators. I think they did a spectacular job.”"

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I can respect that. And like I said yesterday, Season 8 wasn’t that bad. It just could have been longer or spread out over multiple seasons. But hey, I appreciate a boss who sticks by his creative minds.

Were you happy with how Game of Thrones ended? What spin-offs would you be interested in watching? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Deadline