Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 4 recap: Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus’s House of Horror


What just happened in this episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina gets really, really weird in this episode as it attempts to make each character face a fortune teller’s prediction for them. Personally, it feels like the episode packed entirely too much within the hour, but at times, it was pretty entertaining. Clearly, I’m very conflicted about it.

A psychic by the name of Mrs. McGee finds shelter in Doctor Cerberus’ store during a very rainy night and offers up her services in exchange for the hospitality. I’m not entirely sure what she did was the best approach, but it was all she had to offer so we’ll roll with it.

First up, is Sabrina who comes into the store bickering with Nick over missing movie trailers (something I totally understand). The psychic targets Sabrina as her first prediction and takes Sabrina through a very odd vision, to say the least. It’s clear that Nick is quite the ladies man and has been around if you get what I mean. In Sabrina’s vision, she’s a part of Nick’s talent show act in which he levitates her.

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However, the problem arises when Prudence tries to mess up the trick and ends up having Sabrina levitate all the way up to space, where she freezes. What does that all mean? Basically, Sabrina needs to trust Nick as she embarks down this new path.

Then the fortune teller turns her focus on Theo. In his vision, he’s visited by Dorothea who tells him that no one is going to help him with his transition and if he ever wants to do that, he’ll have to look to the Spellmans for an answer.

Before we know it, Theo casts a spell and turns into a full-fledged male–his voice has changed, his body has changed, and he’s accepted by all his haters. But this spell has one major consequence–a side effect that causes Theo to turn into a tree or plant of some sort, similar to the one he used for the initial spell.

He only has two options to fix this problem–amputate the part of the body that has turned into bark or have Hilda reverse the spell and put Theo back into his original body. Not willing to give up the body he has now, he just has Hilda chop off the arm but wakes up to see his entire body is turning into bark. It’s a pretty gruesome Chilling Adventures of Sabrina scene.

Basically, this vision of Theo’s is to teach him that he can’t just skip steps and lie to get what he wants. He has to do it the right way without hurting anyone or doing anything that could put him at risk, you know like turning into a tree.

Ros’ vision involves her sight and finding out in the vision that she has the eyes of a blind girl because her dad lied and stole money from the church. It’s meant to teach her a similar lesson to Theo’s, which is being patient and doing things the honorable way.

Zelda’s vision involves Father Blackwood and the baby she has been hiding from him. Long and weird story short, the baby’s youth is absorbed by the witch named Dezmelda. Who then, in turn, seduces Father Blackwood in a very trippy, incestual scene. And then we have Harvey who has weird visions of a roommate who hangs himself and a portal to some other dimension. Basically, his vision tells him he can just stay put in Greendale instead of venturing off to Rhode Island for school.

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Last but not least, Ambrose has a vision which involves him trying to kill off his entire family in pursuit of joining Blackwood’s secret society. After the vision is lifted, Ambrose learns that the final card was death and confronts Blackwood only to find out that Lukas has died while on a mission for the Dark Lord, and now Ambrose is to take his place in the society.

In a plot twist, we don’t see coming on this episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we find out that the psychic was actually Lilith in glamour disguise. Her intention was just to look into everyone’s mind and keep the information as ammo to help with whatever lies ahead.

I’m not sure if this recap is enough to tell you that this episode was all kinds of strange and convoluted. I mean, what was the point, truly?