The Society: Where did they go?


Where did everyone go on The Society?

The biggest mystery on Netflix’s latest series is where exactly has the entire town disappeared to? After the kids board buses for a school trip in the first episode, they return to an empty West Ham. However, The Society ended its first season with a bang, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

Warning: Spoilers below for the finale of The Society. 

Parallel Earths

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Early into the season, Gordie tosses out an alternate reality idea that began to seem more plausible as the season went on. Bean discovered the solar eclipse which happened was not scheduled, as Gordie had initially pointed out, which means this West Ham is in a different solar system. So we definitely know that this version of the town coexists somewhere else compared to the original place. While we think there’s more to it, this prediction definitely seems accurate from what we know so far.

They’re All Dead

This theory has been pretty popular across social media, with many fans guessing that the kids are in some kind of purgatory. It’s a morbid idea that all five buses got into some kind of fatal accident and feels very Lost-esque that they’re forced to live in some kind of in-between world now. However, the closing moments of the finale have us ruling out this theory.

Pfeiffer is the Piper

Whether it’s just a nod to the famous folklore or a modern take on the story, Pfeiffer as the Pied Piper makes a lot of sense. For starters, Pfeiffer actually means Piper in German. The original story has the Pied Piper come to town to deal with a rat infestation when they have no other options. He does the deed but the town refuses to pay him. In retaliation, he takes all of the children and they’re never seen again. So what do we know about Pfeiffer? He was brought into West Ham to deal with the smell and he succeeds in eradicating it. However, he sends a massive bill to the town which they refuse to pay.

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Sam immediately thinks it’s weird and acknowledges that Pfeiffer probably had something to do with it. Especially when looking at the timing and how quickly the buses disappeared upon the refusal to pay. To really hit the point home, in pictures on the bus Kelly notices that Pfeiffer is the driver! She had seen him arguing with Harry’s mother shortly before they all were taken.

Pfeiffer couldn’t be working alone though since there were four other bus drivers who were involved. But the Pied Piper theory seems the most likely of everything shown so far.

The Parents Were Involved

The Society made a conscious decision not to have the parents all that present in the story. Their absence means the viewers don’t actually know all that much about the adults. However, the show did reveal that Harry’s mother and Kelly’s father were actually having an affair. At first glance, this just feels like a way to push the teenage couple farther apart.

At a closer glance though, one of their text messages is a bit unusual. Harry’s mother asks to meet and Kelly’s father says he has a meeting with Pfeiffer where things might get ugly. She makes a comment about how things will be easier when the kids are gone. Yes, this could just be about leaving for college but we’re not ruling anything out. It would be a fun twist if Pfeiffer didn’t take the kids as revenge but the parents actually traded them rather than pay.

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In regards to the parents, there’s also a pretty dark theory that Cassandra’s mother was her true murderer. We don’t really buy into that idea because it certainly makes the parents much more sinister than anticipated. What would she have to gain by murdering one of her daughters? While we think the people who worked in the government, like Harry’s, Kelly’s, and Sam’s parents, could be involved but Cassandra’s and Allie’s mother seemed surprised to see the dog in the finale.

The Dog is the Key

Speaking of this dog, he pops up a few times throughout the first season of The Society. There aren’t any other pets from the original West Ham that his appearance feels important. While it’s hinted that Campbell actually killed the poor pup, the dog reappears in the final moments of the finale. He runs right up to Cassandra’s and Allie’s mom, which has us questioning if he can travel between the worlds. Is there a portal? If so, the kids or the parents need to follow this dog everywhere until he shows them the way.

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Where are they?

With everything we know thus far, where the heck are the kids? Our final theory is that some of the parents traded the kids to Pfeiffer who has taken them to an alternate world/prison. We think there could be other people there, perhaps kids from other towns that he’s “helped” as well. The finale’s closing moments hints that season 2 will dive a bit more into the mythology and we’re looking forward to seeing how things unravel.

Where do you think the kids are on The Society? Be sure to tell us your theories in the comment section below!