13 Netflix Originals coming in June to start the summer off right

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Life Overtakes Me – June 14

This medical documentary examines a mysterious medical condition called Resignation Syndrome that has been affecting refugee children in Sweden which causes them to retreat into a coma-like state. It is a fascinating, amazing, and horrifying concept, that the human body and mind can become so stressed and traumatized that it will retreat completely from the situation. Once active and vibrate children suddenly become unable to walk or feed themselves and it seems to be a condition that exclusively affects refugees.

While it is incredible what the human body is capable of when trying to protect itself, it is also terrifying and pitiful that children should ever be subject to such trauma. Another mystery is why this condition only seems to occur in Sweden. A BBC article about the condition reported a theory that it may be something about Swedish culture, that the mind recognizes Resignation Syndrome as a culturally appropriate expression of trauma. Whatever the reasons, Life Overtakes Me intends to investigate.

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Dark Season Two – June 21

Dark, Netflix’s first German-language original series, returns for its second of three seasons. This science fiction thriller follows the disappearance of a young boy from the small town of Winden and takes place in three different times periods via time travel by a wormhole that is discovered in a cave under the local nuclear power plant. As families, generations, and timelines are revealed to be inextricably interconnected, townspeople and police struggle to uncover the truth behind the disappearances and their connection to the town and residents.

This series is definitely what the title implies: dark. It is full of atmosphere and mystery, creepy machines in hidden rooms, frightening futures and mysterious pasts, deep forests and intricate caves, and lots of family drama. Based on the trailer for season two, there’s plenty of the same to come. It has been compared to Stranger Things as far as the horror tone of the series, but it certainly lacks the same nostalgic charm and lighthearted comedy.