Prequel series of the classic ‘Dark Crystal’ drops first trailer and poster


The prequel to Jim Henson’s classic The Dark Crystal now has a poster and trailer. Check out all of the most recent updates below!

In 1982, Jim Henson, known world-wide as the creator of the beloved Muppets, released a puppet animated, high fantasy adventure film, The Dark Crystal. It followed Jen, an elf-like creature, on his quest to retrieve a piece of broken, but powerful gem. The animatronics used in the film are groundbreaking and though the film didn’t receive a lot of traction at first, it slowly garnered appreciation and is now considered one of the highest grossing puppet animated films of all time.

The film established a setting, the alien planet Thra, with diverse characters and a lot of untold history left to be explored. Aiming to do just that, The Jim Henson Company announced a prequel series to the film – The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – in 2017, and on May 21, it was announced that the series will premiere on Netflix, on Aug. 30.

On May 30, a poster – a beautiful piece of art by itself – was unveiled on Instagram, according to a report from, teasing eight hours until the drop of trailer.

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The series is actually based on J.M. Lee companion noves, Shadows of the Dark Crystal and Song of the Dark Crystal. In the film, it is mentioned that the Skeksis, the race dominating Thra, derived their power from the cracked Dark Crystal, a powerful and mysterious gem hidden in the heart of their castle. The power emanating from the crystal is said to be corrupting the Skeksis, as they start to crave longevity and power and go against their roles as the guardians of the planet.

As reports, the full trailer of the series was dropped on the same day as the aforementioned tease on Instagram. The series follows the journey of three Gelflings as they seek to find the source of power that lead to the rise of the Skeksis, the ruthless and dictatorial clan that’s taken over the planet of Thra.

So far, the trailer has only garnered a positive response, and for good reason. The trailer looks spectacular and as homage to the original, it retains the elements of puppetry, blending it with cutting edge modern visual effects technology as it brings the world of Thra to life. The creatures – Gelflings and Skeksis – look more or less the same as they back in 1982, which makes for striking visuals.

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Directed by Louis Leterrier (The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me), it’s a 10-episode that series boasts a spectacular range of voices. Among the many are Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, Mark Hamill, Andy Samberg from the Lonely Island and also star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Natalie Dormer, known for her roles in Game of Thrones and Hunger Games, Jason Isaacs, The Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton, Keegan-Michael Key, the Divergent trilogy’s Theo James, Mark Strong and Alicia Vikander.

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