Amazon Prime won’t renew Sneaky Pete for season four


Amazon’s Sneaky Pete will not be renewed for a fourth season, making the recently released season three the hit show’s last.

Amazon has decided not to move forward with its hit show Sneaky Pete after season three. Still, three seasons is a good run for a show that originally got turned down at CBS and then miraculously found life online. Sneaky Pete was created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore based on an idea by Cranston.

The series follows con man Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) who joins his cellmate Pete’s family – who haven’t seen him for years – pretending to be Pete. What starts as a con quickly becomes more personal, as Marius bonds with his new family. While Marius has plenty of dark secrets that put the family at risk, they have their own shady dealings and secrets that complicate matters.

The show is pretty fun, with plenty of twists and turns and some behind the scenes conning that only becomes clear in the final reveal. The show comes alive during these sequences, with Ocean’s 11 type heists complete with double and triple crosses, like an action-packed chess match. Who knows what was behind Amazon’s decision to cancel the series, but it’s possible that the show simply ran its natural course. Season three is notable for several significant changes in production, from moving filming from New York to California, as well as installing new showrunner Blake Masters. It could be that the series simply couldn’t survive such changes and remain consistent.

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Season three premiered on Amazon on May 10 to favorable reviews and high viewership, with season two hinting that Marius’s closest confidant, Pete’s cousin Julia, is about to discover the truth about his identity. An old flame of Marius’s also complicates the plot when she comes to him asking for help with a con.

Source: Deadline