Sneaky Pete Season 2 Recap: Episodes 1-4

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The Giovanni Ribisi Amazon Prime series Sneaky Pete is back and his conman is just trying to stay alive this season.

02.01 – The Sinister Hotel Room Mystery

Episode one starts where season one left off. Marius is being threatened by two guys who think he’s Pete and wants to know where his mother is. Turns out that Pete robbed the gun range as a distraction to keep a security guard from returning to work at the storage facility his mother was robbing.

Marius has 72 hours to find Pete’s mother, Maggie, or the gangsters start hurting the Bernhardts. Marius has Marjorie do some research to find out who he’s dealing with.

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Marius works with Gina and Gavin, who find out the gangsters’ names are Frank and Joe. Marius has some kind of plan that involves sneaking into their hotel room, but Gina and Gavin get caught and Frank surprises Marius when he gets there. Meanwhile, Joe is at Julia’s house ready to shoot her. Marius is able to call to warn her, but at mortal risk to himself.

He tells Frank that if he hurts anyone in that family that he’ll hunt him down himself. Frank kills Gavin, makes Marius and Gina bury him, and remind Marius that he now has 48 hours to find Maggie. Marius and Marjorie cook up a scheme to get Pete out of prison.

Meanwhile, Julia is trying to figure out how to launder Dockery’s money, Taylor continues to cover for Audrey when Winslow’s case gets transferred to his precinct, Otto has trouble moving the “housepainter’s” (aka hitman) car away from Moe’s, and Audrey discovers evidence for Winslow’s death on her truck and scrambles to cover her tracks.