Santa Clarita Diet season 3, episode 2 recap: Knighttime


Santa Clarita Diet tries to unravel the mystery behind the Knights of Serbia–but we’re still a bit confused.

Santa Clarita Diet has me a bit confused over this whole “Knights of Serbia” angle, but I’ve given it the benefit of the doubt considering the nature of the series. But there is something fun about this episode that I thoroughly enjoyed–Joel McHale (Chris) and Maggie Lawson (Christa) as the rival realtor couple. Of course, while in other shows they’re fun and silly, in Santa Clarita Diet they’re a big ball of misery and annoyance.

Their goal in life is to compete with Sheila and Joel and always be one step ahead of them in every way possible. The resentment between the couples is palpable, and quite honestly pretty darn hilarious. On their way out of the house, Sheila and Joel run into Chris and Christa who are absolutely sassy as ever. Luckily for the Hammonds, they have Anne on their side to take care of business.

Things aren’t going so hot for Abby, however, who realizes that her ex, Sven, posted pictures from their date when they went to see the fracking site. Really, it was just a ruse so Abby could quickly snap some photos as part of her and Eric’s plan. Unfortunately, with an FBI investigation underway, it doesn’t look so great that there are pictures of her at the site just a day before the explosion.

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Joel and Sheil are still trying to figure out who left the note on their door and Joel narrows it down to his pal, Ron from the mental hospital. But when they confront him, he says he didn’t do it, but in reality–he did. Basically, Ron told Paul (one of the Knights of Serbia) about Sheila being undead, and now Paul is dead set on finding Sheila to kill her. The only way out of this predicament is to pretend that Joel is a Knight as well.

While her parents are trying to figure out their mess, Abby is trying to deal with hers but is caught but a student named Winter that sees Abby trying to throw away the backpack that has C4 residue.

On the other hand, Eric is trying to handle the Sven issue and has to alleviate the situation by pretending he’s jealous of Sven’s relationship with Abby. And uses this as a reason for asking Sven to take the post down.

When Abby learns that everyone thinks she and Eric are dating, she starts freaking out a bit. Out of the love he so clearly feels for Abby, Eric stages a breakup to make everyone think that they’re over. It’s all pretty cute if you’re asking me. I’m totally Team Abby and Eric!

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By some miracle, Sheila and Joel manage to trick Paul but they learn that he is planning on moving to Hawaii so someone else will be taking over. And while these Knights don’t know that Sheila is the person they’re looking for, they do know that the couple they’re on the hunt for are realtors. Thanks to some favors by Anne, a fake story about Chris and Christa is published leading Paul and his men to believe that they are the couple they’ve been searching for.

Remember the group of followers that Anne had gathered in support of Sheila? Well, despite telling them to keep their mouths shut, two of them show up at the Hammonds’ doorstep asking to be in the presence of Sheila. Oh boy, this isn’t going as expected!