Santa Clarita Diet season 3 premiere recap: Wuffenloaf


The Santa Clarita Diet season 3 premiere picks up right after the events of the season 2 finale and wastes absolutely no time.

Santa Clarita Diet kicks off season 3 by taking viewers about a week back where a group of Serbian officers is questioning er torturing a man they have restrained. It becomes clear almost immediately that the guy is a zombie and the Colonel is hoping to use him for something, we’re not sure what just yet. But before anything can happen, the man stabs himself through the ear, as we all know is the best to kill a zombie.

Moments after, the Colonel gets a call about the undead in Santa Clarita. Looks like they didn’t need that man after all! Who are these new people? What do they want? Are they evil or secret heroes?

Back at the Hammonds’, they are all busy unpacking as they’ve now decided not to leave Santa Clarita. Somehow, by some miracle, they managed to get out of the trouble they were in so they’re now good to stay right at home. Abby, however, is having a difficult time forgiving her parents for almost abandoning her.

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Because it had been a while since season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet, I had forgotten just how much Anne was convinced that Sheila is on Earth to do God’s work. And as this episode begins, it’s hilarious to see that she’s still as dedicated and enamored by her.

You all remember Mr. Ball Legs, right? Well, Sheila is concerned because apparently it eats and it hasn’t been eating. Say what? And while she’s trying to figure that out, a loud noise calls their attention to the front door which has a note saying, ‘The Knights are coming’ pinned to the door. Who are these Knights?

No idea, but Joel is on it! Sheila suggests asking Anne to help, but Joel tells her they should tread carefully and not openly trust everyone.

Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet ended with Abby and Eric destroying the fracking site, something they spent most of the season focused on. And as it turns out, the fracking site will stop doing any work until further notice, which means #missionsuccessful! Abby and Eric’s celebration gives Eric’s mom the impression that they’re talking about having sex. Uh oh! And rather than being honest about what’s going on, they go along with it take attention off the incident.

While Anne and Sheila talk about how Anne can help her do God’s work, Joel goes to the Serbian consulate in Los Angeles. He’s hoping to learn something about the Knights there by impersonating a medieval scholar. When he gets there, he finds the Colonel and his men from the beginning of the episode who are extremely curious about this man who is lying to get information.

During all of this, we can’t forget that Sheila has to eat, and luckily there are still some Nazis available to munch on. Unfortunately, their attempt of the day goes sideways because the Nazis have started to notice their friends have slowly been going missing. But before this guy can do anything to Sheila or Joel, Sheila goes full zombie on him just as his other Nazi friends show up at the door.

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Despite Joel’s reservations about bringing Anne in, Sheila asks her to come help and she ends up offering to dispose of the body. Unfortunately, that means no food for Sheila from this body. Anne continues to bum people out when she informs Abby and Eric that there is an investigation into the fracking site which is being considered eco-terrorism. Hell, even the FBI is involved.

Oh, and one more thing, Anne has organized a group of followers devoted to Sheila. But there’s just one problem, Sheila didn’t want anyone else to know. Looks like it’s a little too late for that!