Is Netflix eyeing an Unbelievable anthology franchise?


There is a strong rumor spreading that Netflix is looking to turn its limited-series crime drama, Unbelievable, into an anthology franchise.

Ever since the series launched in September, Unbelievable has been a hit for Netflix. So it is not surprising, not even the slightest, that the streaming giant is in talks of making the series an anthology.

According to Deadline, Unbelievable’s ratings have truly performed up to its lofty standards. During Netflix’s release of the series ratings, Unbelievable was seen by 32 million households in just four weeks. Take into account that this drama focuses on rape (a tricky plot device for any show) and on a case that not many know, and that 32 million viewers look even impressive.

So it would behoove Netflix not to stretch out the series, and word is going around that Netflix is looking to turn Unbelievable into a true crime anthology, much in the same vein as the pioneer of this format, Law and Order, and the Bravo/USA hit Dirty John.

Per Deadline, there is currently no plot of the premise for the second season being considered. It was, after all, originally supposed to be a one-off mini-series. But ratings dictate the true movement of a franchise, and the ratings suggest that there needs to be a second installment to this series.

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If it’s a go (and there’s a lot of rumblings that suggest it will be), the ultimate question the showrunners would have to answer is if it can keep the same spirit of the first installment while pushing the envelope a bit? That would be troubling itself given the subject matter Unbelievable tackles, but with the right focus and care, there is a chance that Unbelievable can be in the same anthology universe as Dirty John.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this will be the case.