Light as a Feather season 2, episode 9 recap: …Fresh as a Daisy


In episode 209 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, the game begins anew, and some dramatic events threaten to ruin Violet’s life, if not kill her.

Previously on Light as a Feather, Sammi (Katelyn Nacon) surprisingly wasn’t dead and McKenna “Mack” Brady (Liana Liberato) was still occasionally possessed by her sister. Now, after all the pain, nightmares and blackouts, the game begins anew. The new Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board game predicts Alex (Brianne Tju) choking to death, and Sammi’s death from freezing. Perhaps most dramatic, though, is that Violet (Haley Ramm) is supposed to get burned alive by acid! To make it official, they all chant: She’s dying, she’s dying, she’s dead, she’s dead.

2 days later

Mack tells Alex the game seemed to work. However, she still has chrysalis in her back (though she keeps it a secret). Meanwhile, Sammi and Trey (Jordan Rodrigues) procure a gig opening for a band called Summer Cannibals. Light as a Feather offers a few other big events. Mack is accepted at the Camden School of Design. In darker news, Alex thinks Jennie (the spirit of Mack’s twin sister) had cut Violet’s brakes (as seen in the last episode).

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Also, Violet’s corpse trunk somehow ends up outside of her car and a cop (Ungela Brockman) wants to know what’s inside of it. When Violet opens the trunk, it’s a bunch of dead violets. She claims it’s a prank (and in a way it is). The cop says she and the box had better be gone by the time she comes back.

The proper place to leave a corpse?

At the Summer Cannibals gig, Peri (Adriyan Rae) gives Violet vodka, which turns out to not be a good idea (imagine that!).  A few things happen here. Mack encourages Violet to leave the trunk corpse somewhere it can be found. Also, Sammi wants to move to New York and, without much effort, convinces Trey to go with her. It’s not all happy events, though. Violet receives a phone recording of the 9-11 call she placed when her parents died.

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Also, because she’s panicked and drunk on vodka, people overhear her saying “Someone took the dead kid from my basement!” While her semi-pals say she’s joking, the stress soon has Violet vomiting. Later, when Violet heads home, she turns on the shower to quite a surprise: There’s acid in the water and it’s burning her skin!

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