Light as a Feather season 2, episode 8 recap: …White as a Ghost


In episode 208 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, Sammi surprisingly isn’t dead and Mack is occasionally possessed by her sister.

Previously on Light as a Feather, a near-fatal car accident revealed that the curse hadn’t been lifted. Also, McKenna “Mack” Brady (Liana Liberato) learned that blackouts involved her being possessed by her twin sister Jennie’s spirit. The theory is that, at this point, they have one body and one soul. In fact, Jennie led a new round of Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board so Mack wouldn’t have to.

The problem is, that the game is cursed somehow. The episode has another surprising discovery: Sammi (Katelyn Nacon) is surprisingly still alive, after seemingly being buried in ice by Jennie (and not moving or anything). It was a death similar to what Jennie’s game predicted. While it’s surprising to those who thought she seemed totally deceased, it’s definitely good news for Sammi fans.

Flashbacks and trunk corpses

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Light as a Feather doesn’t skimp on flashbacks in this episode, exploring more the backstory between Jennie and Mack. These scenes are often inter-spliced between present-day moments. In one such flashback, Mack, Jennie, Violet (Haley Ramm) and Olivia (Peyton List) watch a tennis match between Henry Richmond (Dylan Sprayberry) and Marc Regan (Alex Lange).

In another, Olivia wants testimonials from Mack for her school project on bullying. Pressed for time, she actually tells Mack to make something up. Unfortunately, when Mack did so, she wrote about Olivia as the bully. We also see Jennie receive two fateful pills from Alex, and Mack finds Jennie dead in the morning

In the present, Alex (Brianne Tju) and Peri (Adriyan Rae) discuss the Chrysalis curse, and how information on it’s so scarce. However, Peri mentions an “armchair community of online detectives.” There are other scattered details, such as a character named Margaret who changed her name to Sylvia Gallagher (Brea Bee), presumably due to the curse.

Also, Violet learns that her brake lines were intentionally cut. On top of that, her corpse trunk is gone! Who took it and why? Violet also calls Lisa (Brooke Star) regarding Lisa’s brother, Isaac (Brent Rivera). Violet actually threatens her for info, but she only learns that Isaac’s at their grandmother’s house. It’s obvious that someone’s out to get Violet. However, given her shifty behavior, it seems it could be just about anyone.

Sylvia’s info

Light as a Feather unveils more strange details about the curse when Mack and Peri go to see Margaret/Sylvia. Why did she change her name? She says she also played Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board. While they don’t press her for many details, we do learn that Henry Richmond is being held captive by Sylvia, for whatever reason. Mack and Peri don’t know about Henry’s capture, but they learn that Sylvia fed the game souls in a place where people died, and it seems to have removed the curse from her.

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This makes the group debate whether to play the game again. Alex doesn’t want to. However, they may need Alex and Isaac to play, to have the right amount of people. Alex theorizes that the Chrysalis curse is like a virus with separate strains. To start a new game, they head to a doll factory where 38 people died in a fire. Sounds like a fun place to hang out!

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