11 Netflix originals to fill your Thanksgiving downtime

Photo: Keir Gilchrist.. Atypical: Season 3.. Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo: Keir Gilchrist.. Atypical: Season 3.. Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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It’s approaching the holiday season but Netflix isn’t slowing down for anything.

November sees the streaming service releasing their usual assortment of original series, with returning favorites like The End of the F***ing World, new spin-off docu-series The Movies That Made Us, and epic animated adventures like Green Eggs and Ham. Of course, Netflix also continues to release new and innovative international series like the German language We Are the Wave. There will be plenty to choose from to fill your Thanksgiving downtime.

We Are the Wave: Season One – November 1

When I was in school I read a book called The Wave by Todd Strasser that has somehow stuck with me ever since. It is based on the real-life story of a high school history teacher who attempts to impress upon his students the cult-like attraction of fascism by creating his own mini fascist society as an example. Unfortunately, he does his job too well as the students begin to incorporate the ritualistic elements and theoretical ideals into their lives, eventually imposing conformity on others through force.

We Are the Wave is a German drama loosely based on that novel and its easy to see the similarities even before researching the origins of the narrative. In We Are the Wave, a group of teens leads a revolt against the establishment for the noblest of reasons, but the movement quickly spirals out of control. What offered the illusion of empowerment to the disenfranchised is what ultimately takes that individual power away. The trailer looks great, full of youthful rebellion and optimism quickly followed by intimidation and violence. And let’s face it, the lesson of the Third Reich and the dangers of fascism are always worth a healthy reminder, especially in these slippery times.