11 Netflix originals to fill your Thanksgiving downtime

Photo: Keir Gilchrist.. Atypical: Season 3.. Beth Dubber/Netflix
Photo: Keir Gilchrist.. Atypical: Season 3.. Beth Dubber/Netflix /
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She-Ra and the Princess of Power: Season Four – November 5

I feel like every time I write about a new season of She-Ra and the Princess of Power another season has dropped before I’ve even finished the paragraph. This show is crazy popular and for good reason. Not only is it funny and action-packed, but its an empowering and positive female-led adventure that normalizes various sexualities and gender identities. It is so important for children to see themselves represented in popular media and to know that whatever they identify as is normal – which is difficult when the vast majority of television relationships and characters are heterosexual.

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But that’s changing and there is visibly more diversity in television and cinema now than there ever has been. She-Ra’s cast of characters are predominantly female, many of which are more or less fluid in their sexual or gender identity, and with most of the romantic tension generated between female characters. For season four, it has been announced that a non-binary character has been added to the series as portrayed by non-binary actor and advocate Jacob Tobia. 

The End of the F***ing World: Season Two – November 5

When I mentioned to my best friend that The End of the F***ing World was coming back for season two, she took a long, thoughtful pause and then asked, “How?” Which I think pretty much sums up what most fans of the show are wondering. Based on last season’s cliffhanger, how exactly will season two proceed? The trailer for season two suggests that the answer to that is “bleakly.” Most of the trailer consists of a dejected-looking Alyssa (Jessica Barden) wearing a wedding dress.

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The status of James (Alex Lawther) after being shot at the end of season one is still unclear, but things don’t look too good. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman (Naomi Ackie) watches Alyssa from the shadows. Unusually, for such a successful and well-received series, there were actual complaints about the show continuing for a second season. Purists and fans of the original graphic novel were pleased with the adaptation and are concerned about the series continuing without source material. Why chance ruining something so nearly perfect? But chance it they did and we can only wait and see what will happen next.