The Politician season 1, episode 7 recap: The Assassination of Payton Hobart: Part II

Photo: David Corenswet, Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix
Photo: David Corenswet, Ben Platt / The Politician.. Courtesy Netflix /

Will Payton live to see the end of The Politician season 1?!

The Politician dives yet again into the dire health of one of its characters, but this time around, it’s Payton. After being poisoned with possum bacteria, he’s bedridden and isn’t looking too great. Apparently, that’s the least of his worries because his father learned that Georgina was going to betray him. This means that Payton and Georgina are officially out of the will.

Thankfully, Ricardo comes clean to Infinity about what Payton was poisoned with and hurries over to let them know what they’re dealing with. How does one treat a possum bacteria infection? If you thought things were already weird on The Politician, then just wait.

Nana finally admits to Infinity she’s been keeping her sick all these years. But then, Ricardo shows up because he believes that Infinity called the cops on him. Emotions are running extremely high at this point and Nana decides she is going to kill herself but ends up shooting Ricardo instead after the gun barrel gets stuck. Told you it was weird and crazy!

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Payton finally wakes up from his coma after dreaming about River forgiving him for everything he’s done. Meanwhile, an injured Ricardo tells the police everything including what Nana has been doing to Infinity. She goes to jail and Payton returns to school as an outcast because everyone knows he knew about Infinity.


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The presidency is taken away from him, even though he tries to stick up for himself. Payton’s quickly losing all support but McAfee remains loyal and turns Skye into the police for trying to kill Payton. As you can see, a lot of confessions and arrests happening here on The Politician.

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With Georgina and Payton on the outs, his mother decides to sell everything and then donate the money to a charity. She’s going to leave after all is said and done but gives one piece of advice to her lost son–things can only go up after you hit rock bottom.

Cue the tears (Payton’s too!).

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