10 Netflix originals to leap into this February

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Narcos: Mexico: Season Two – February 13

Narcos: Mexico takes the popular series back before the rise of Pablo Escobar and chronicles the beginnings of the Guadalajara Cartel. Diego Luna plays Gallardo, the Mexican drug lord uniting the divided empire that Escobar will one day take over. Michael Peña played Camarena in season one, the DEA agent pitted against Gallardo, only to die by Gallardo’s hands. Enter Scoot McNairy as DEA agent Walt Breslin, the man who will eventually bring Camarena’s killers to justice.

McNairy had been the English speaking narrator all through season one, though his identity and casting were kept a secret until the last moments of the season. Now he’s on the scene and judging by the trailer, he’s not afraid to get a little dirty to get what he wants. If you like a tightly wound thriller with intense action, Narcos: Mexico looks like it has everything you want and more. McNairy is more than a match for Luna’s intensity, determination, and brutality and the perfect partner in a budding cat and mouse game. It truly looks epic.

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Cable Girls: Season 5 Part 1 – February 14

This is the first part of the last season of this period drama focusing on a group of women in 1920s Spain who work together at a phone exchange. As their lives and relationships develop, their lives are also affected by the historical and social upheaval happening around them as their fates hang on the results of a raging Civil War. As a timeless feminist narrative, Cable Girls details the hardships and ambitions of these women as they work at one of the only places in Madrid offering progress and freedom for women at the time.

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While there’s plenty of drama and romance, what really drives the show are the friendships and relationships between the women. So often women in television are only there to talk about the male leads or to be a generic love interest. But these women have deep inner lives, hopes, and fears, loves, and ambitions, all of which they discuss with each other as they share a dream of equality under a misogynistic regime. While much of the world has taken huge steps forward in gender parity, the fact that narratives like this are still so relevant says a lot about where we stand as a society.

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