Belgravia: John visits Charles’ office in this exclusive Episode 4 clip

John pays the eponymous Charles Pope a visit in this exclusive clip from the upcoming fourth episode of Belgravia and discovers a few familiar faces.

EPIX has provided us with an exclusive clip from the upcoming fourth episode of their new hit series Belgravia.

The footage shows John Bellasis holding true on his promise to further investigate the mysterious Charles Pope as he shows up at his office, and walks in on a curious meeting between his fiancée Lady Maria Grey, the Countess of Brockenhurst, and Anne Trenchard.

It is not yet clear what Maria, Anne, and Caroline are all doing at Charles’ office, although we can presume Maria is happy to be there. She doesn’t look altogether pleased about seeing John and awkwardly brushes off his invitation to a horse race.

As for John, he has nothing but mischief in his eyes. He also takes every opportunity to throw jabs at Charles and his work in the cotton industry.

By the end of the clip, Caroline appears rattled enough by John’s appearance to signal the women take their leave. I assume the scene will continue with a scene of John and Charles together, I’m curious to see how their conversation will unfold.

Will John manage to sniff out the truth of his heritage in the fourth episode of Belgravia?

According to the official synopsis for the episode, Caroline will organize an outing for the ladies that will see them “compromised.” It looks like we know who is going to catch them together. It is certainly going to raise suspicion to see Anne and Caroline in one another’s company yet again.

The official synopsis is as follows:

Tensions rise when Caroline organizes an outing for Lady Maria and Anne, which sees the women compromised. Susan’s indulgent behavior catches up with her, and Ellis begins to show her true colors.

View the clip for yourself below:

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What did you think of the clip? Do you think John will get Charles to attend the horse races with him? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The fourth episode of Belgravia airs this Sunday night at 9/8c on EPIX.

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