Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 recap: John gets closer to the truth

In episode 4 of Belgravia, Susan’s bad behavior catches up with her, and Caroline organizes a trip for the ladies to visit Charles Pope at his office.

I can’t believe Belgravia is almost over, I’m sad. I hope we get a second season of the show, though I doubt it would air for a long time.

In the latest episode, the various storylines are beginning to pick up speed as we move toward the grand finale. Surprisingly, the secret of Charles Pope has not yet been revealed, but it can’t be too much longer now before it comes out, especially with John’s constant prying.

Stephen gets a little monetary help

After much consideration, Peregrine succumbs to his brother’s monetary needs. Stephen has to suffer through humiliation as he is forced to deliver a sermon, and his brother and wife show up to make jests. It appears to be worth it, as the Earl of Brockenhurst gives his brother enough money to help his debts.

He doesn’t offer enough cash to pay everything back, Stephen will still need help coming up with the rest. I did think it odd that Stephen neglected to tell John about Peregrine’s cash when asked later in the episode.

I also think it is only a matter of time before Stephen ends up dead because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes and is already considering returning to gambling before the hour comes to a close.

John isn’t much better. He steals silvers stashed away by his mother to pay for his illicit dealings with the Trenchard servants.

Pictured: Tara Fitzgerald as Lady Templemore in Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 – Courtesy of Carnival Films

The romance between Charles and Maria heats up

Maria is done pretending she wants to marry John Bellasis. Unfortunately for her, Lady Templemore forbids her from throwing away her chance to “marry up” as one might say. Since John will eventually inherit his family’s fortune, the Templemore family believes he is the perfect match to get them out of their own poor predicament.

The problem is, neither Maria nor John appear to care much for one another. John admitted he wasn’t interested at the beginning of the series since she didn’t offer him much “chase.” Meanwhile, Maria has steadily fallen in love with Charles Pope, along with everyone else in this show. The two confess their mutual feelings in Episode 4.

For anything to happen between them, Maria will have to call off her engagement to John, which shouldn’t be too hard since it hasn’t even been officially announced yet. Her mother is the only obstacle standing in her way, and the elder Templemore has made it clear she will not allow Maria to throw away what she deems the perfect suitor. I don’t know what she’ll do to stop her daughter, but it sounds ominous.


[L-R] Adam James as John Bellasis and Alice Eve as Susan Trenchard in Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 – Courtesy of Carnival Films

Susan realizes she is pregnant

I called it last week when I surmised Oliver is the infertile one out of the Trenchard couple! Susan and John continue their affair in this week’s episode. While John claims he is “growing fond” of Susan, I find it hard to believe him genuine.

Does he care enough for her to deal with a baby born under such scandalous circumstances?  Will Susan pretend the baby is Oliver’s? Currently, the only person who knows Susan is with child is Speer, her loyal maid. I wonder if Speer will spill the beans if the discord between the servants and their masters deepens.

John inches closer to the truth

Speaking of John’s relationship with Oliver’s wife, he coaxes her into doing him a favor in Episode 4. John wants Susan to get close to Anne. He needs more information on Charles Pope. During the Trenchard’s visit to their country estate, Glanville, Anne accidentally lets it slip that Charles is not a stranger to their family.

She tries to cover her tracks by reinstating the lie of James being friendly with Charles’ father. But Susan lets John know of her verbal error anyway. By episode’s end, John does not know what Charles means to the Trenchards and Brockenhursts, but he bribes Turton into digging around in James’ desk for old letters featuring any mention of Mr. Pope.

I imagine it cannot be long now before he learns the truth, there are only two episodes left, after all.


Pictured: Tom Wilkinson as Peregrine Brockenhurst in Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 – Courtesy of Carnival Films

An update on the servants

The servant storylines are some of the most exciting and compelling in Belgravia, in my opinion. I appreciate the show trying to shed light on the class differences and provide us with a different perspective on all of the drama. As mentioned above, Turton is more than willing to get in bed with John Bellasis for a price.

None of the servants show any real loyalty to their families, except Speer. She is the only one who genuinely seems to want the best for Susan, although I wonder how long that will last after she overhears Anne talking about how replaceable all the maids are.

Ellis gets a moment to shine this week. She tries to get more information on the Charles Pope connection to Brockenhurst by cozying up to Caroline’s maid. Still, she deduces that Ellis is there for nefarious reasons and dismisses her quickly. Not before Ellis sees a photo of Edmund Bellasis, however. Could she put two and two together based on looks alone?

It is curious Ellis has no inkling of what previously transpired between Edmund and Sophia. As the writer at Armchair Anglophile pointed out, wouldn’t Ellis have been around during the time of their tryst? Surely she would have realized something was amiss. Perhaps she’s just not the brightest tool in the shed.

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What did you think of Belgravia’s fourth episode? Do you think Susan will tell John about the baby? Who will learn the truth about Charles’ heritage first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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