Pick of the Litter Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Meet Your Match

PICK OF THE LITTER "Episode 105 - Meet Your Match" (Disney+/Raymond Liu)
PICK OF THE LITTER "Episode 105 - Meet Your Match" (Disney+/Raymond Liu) /

The dogs pass their final testing day and meet their person in Pick of the Litter Episode 5.

When we last left off in the fourth episode of Pick of the Litter, Pacino is sent to work with Master Instructor Jeff Grey while Tulane, Tartan, and Paco begin their final testing. Which dogs will pass?

What happens in Pick of the Litter Episode 5?

Pacino’s training is underway with Master Instructor Jeff Grey.

Jeff was able to see Pacino’s personality while playing tug. While Pacino has been the most stoic of the dogs this season he needs to build his confidence.

Meanwhile, Final Testing Day has arrived for Tartan, Tulane, and Paco.

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The show states, “If the dogs pass all five final tests, they will be matched with a person who is visually impaired. If they fail they will be career changed.”

The episode quickly covers all five tests.

In Test 1-Guidework; the dogs cross streets, stop at curbs, in a noisy outdoor environment. They are also being tested for how they react to distractions.

During Test 2-Buildings; the dogs return to the mall working in a different environment than outside with equal obstacles.

For Test 3-Obedience; the dogs are tested on several commands including the sit, down, heel, and stay in a room. This includes the dogs stay sitting for one minute without distraction.

Test 4-Traffic; we return to intelligent disobedience. The dogs are challenged to know when to obey and disobey commands and how to create the buffers between themselves, their handlers, and vehicles.

Lastly, Test 5-Sidewalkless; focuses on the dogs’ ability to stay as close to the left edge of the street as possible and away from cars in the absence of sidewalks.

When Paco struggles to round the corner they repeat the task and he is able to round the corner successfully.

All of the lessons, patience, and training have paid off as Tulane, Tartan, and Paco all pass which excites their puppy raising families. The dogs are now in class and will graduate.

The episode states that “Tulane, Paco, and Tartan will now be matched with a person with visual impairment. The teams will learn to work together in a two-week class.”

Guide Dogs for the Blind clients Kendal Lyssy, Eva Velez, and Claire Stanley will each be matched with either Tulane, Paco, or Tartan. But before the dogs can meet their person they get to have their own spa day.

At the Guide Dog Class Orientation, the clients introduce themselves to each other and are instructed as to how they will be building a relationship with their dog.

After much anticipation and excitement, Eva is matched with Paco, Claire is matched with Tulane, and Kendal is matched with Tartan. Watching them meet their dogs for the first time is heartwarming and beautiful.

With help, they will have two weeks to work with their dogs before they can go home. However, this time is crucial.

Training Class Supervisor for Guide Dogs for the Blind Darren Walsh explains, “You’re giving up some level of control as a human and trusting in your guide now.”

He adds, “We have to have a standard, and we ultimately have to see that everyone is safe traveling with a guide.”

Only time will tell how the dogs will do with their person.

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