Britannia Season 3: EPIX to become the exclusive US home for the anarchic drama

EPIX nabs streaming rights to Britannia, to co-produce Britannia Season 3

Acclaimed epic fantasy drama Britannia finally has a new home after getting the boot from Amazon Prime — as previously reported by Deadline. Fans eager to watch Britannia Season 2 and Britannia Season 3 can now rest easy knowing they’re on the way to their new exclusive United States home of EPIX!

According to the official press release, the first season of the anarchic drama will debut on EPIX on August 2, to immediately be followed by the U.S. premiere of the ten-episode sophomore season beginning on October 4.

EPIX also announced that it would be co-producing the show’s third season in association with Neal Street Productions and Sky Atlantic.

It is not yet clear when Britannia Season 3 will air, but I would guess sometime in late 2021, potentially early 2022 depending on the pandemic restrictions.

Britannia is an epic, genre-bending tale somewhat similar to Game of Thrones

The first season of the show begins in 43 A.D. and follows the Roman invasion of Britain, a country that was ruled by warrior queens and Druids. Kerra, the daughter of King of Cantii, slowly begins her rise to power against her better judgment.

She and her rival, Queen Atedia, must put their differences aside when the Romans begin their invasion of their beloved country. Elsewhere, Druid Divis prophesized the invasion and discovers an unlikely ally in a young Cantii girl named Cait.

The Romans themselves are a cutthroat bunch who want to complete Julius Caesar’s original mission and finally achieve their goal of conquering Britannia, an ancient mythical land in the Roman Empire.

Britannia stars Kelly Reilly, Ian McDiarmid, David Morrissey, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Zoë Wanamaker, and Eleanor Worthington-Cox.

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Are you looking forward to finally watching Britannia Season 2 and knowing Britannia Season 3 is on its way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Season 1 of Britannia will debut on EPIX beginning on August 2, followed by Season 2 on October 4. Britannia Season 3 is currently in production.

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