Curb Your Enthusiasm Receives Another Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series

Curb Your Enthusiasm - Photograph by John P. Johnson / HBO
Curb Your Enthusiasm - Photograph by John P. Johnson / HBO /

Larry David is still sharp in Curb Season 10, which was nominated for an Emmy.

As funny as it would have been to see how Larry David navigated through a lockdown, we were lucky that Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm showed him rage like a natural disaster, leaving destruction in his wake.

The show has aged like a fine wine. The latest season of Curb, nearly 20 years after the first season aired, is just as sharp, albeit less subtle. Larry is now completely out of his shell, unafraid and unwilling to hold back on all he deems hypocritical and nonsensical in our society.

Yes, Season 10 gave Curb yet another Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. The show now has more than 40 Emmy nominations (and two wins) to its name.

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But this season gave fans so much more.  All the belly laughs aside, Curb has coined as many nameless yet familiar social interactions as did Seinfeld, Larry David’s co-creation of the 1990s, if not more.

Throughout his television career Larry David has built an encyclopedia of terms for uncomfortable or unfortunate social situations. From the Chat-and-Cut, to the Pickle Jar Hero, seemingly every season gives us new additions.

This season gave great new additions, perhaps none better than the Spite Store.

Mocha Joe V Latte Larry

One of the beautiful things of Curb is its side characters and their back-stories. Mocha Joe was first introduced to us in Season 8, when he and Larry feuded over what is and is not considered a favor.

Their fraction only grew, as they normally do with Larry, in the time since then and Season 10. When Larry first stops in to Mocha Joe’s coffee shop, he is appalled to find his table wobbly, his coffee cold, and his scone soft.

Disagreement turns to confrontation, and Mocha Joe bans Larry from his shop. This, naturally, is nothing more than an opportunity for Larry to exact revenge.

Larry leases the storefront next to Mocha Joe’s in order to create Latte Larry’s, the very first Spite Store. But it far from the last, as guest appearances from Jonah Hill, Sean Penn, and Mila Kunis all prove Larry’s ability to start a trend.

Larry David
Curb Your Enthusiasm – Photograph by John P. Johnson / HBO /

Larry David’s ongoing wars

Mocha Joe joins a long list of people who have feuded with Larry, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ted Danson, Michael J. Fox, Rosie O’Donnell, and Jason Alexander, just to name a few. And those are only the celebrities.

Larry seems destine to fight for all the social hypocrisies we all see but are too afraid to speak up against. He happily takes down bad dinner parties, bad pastries, and yes, bad people, even if only Larry himself deems them bad.

Many may see Larry David as maniacal, or at least eccentric. But he is a social injustice warrior. From the small screen to the big screen to the big stage, Larry David is at his most brilliant when he asks a simple question, Why? Why do we have to do this? Why do we pretend to like that? Why must we accept these societal pleasantries that we all dislike as normal?

As long as he is willing to fight, and as long as HBO continues to give him a platform to do so, he will continue to show that he is one of the greatest comedic minds at work in America today.

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