Ursula and 5 Disney villains who deserve their own prequel series

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Disney villains

The Little Mermaid – Courtesy of Disney via Image.net

The top five Disney villains who deserve their own prequel series.

Like it or not, Disney Plus is not planning to stop churning out prequels, sequels, and who knows what else for its vast catalog of iconic stories. Recently, Luke Evans teased his upcoming role in the Disney Plus Beauty and the Beast series with Collider. He discussed the many layers to Gaston and we started thinking of other Disney villains who deserve a Disney Plus series of their own.

At one point Disney was even developing a show primarily revolving around villains, but unfortunately, it did not end up coming to fruition. But here are the five Disney villains for whom we’d love to see a prequel or origin story.

5. Disney villains: Ursula from The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid has always been one of my favorite Disney movies and Ursula one of my favorite villains. She’s a sea witch! She looks fantastic and speaks in that signature raspy tone.

I’m not even sure how they could make Ursula work in a live-action setting if it would even be possible, honestly, I think I’d rather see an animated prequel.

In my opinion, it’d be far more interesting because they wouldn’t be limited or have to remove Ursula from the deep seas if they didn’t want to. Although given her ability to transform into “Vanessa,” it would be cool to see her former exploits on land.

Still, animated is definitely the way to go for this one. In other media, Ursula’s point-of-view said she once even had romantic feelings for King Triton, imagine exploring a younger Triton and Ursula. Maybe we could see what led her to be the wicked manipulator we see in the film.

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