Perry Mason Season 2: Who is Eva Griffin?

Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO
Perry Mason - Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

A big clue for Perry Mason Season 2: Who is Eva Griffin?

During the season finale of Perry Mason‘s first season, we meet a character who might have a significant role to play in the upcoming Perry Mason Season 2.

The final scenes of the episode give us a hint of what’s to come for Mason & Associates, a newly-formed group featuring Mason as the head attorney alongside Della Street and lead detective Paul Drake. After Emily Dodson’s case is declared a mistrial, a new woman waltzes into the office, calling her by the name of “Eva Griffin,” although Della thinks she’s lying about her identity.

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While those who are new to the Perry Mason story might not recognize the name, long-time fans will know Eva Griffin or a woman who calls herself by that name is a main character in the first Perry Mason mystery novel called The Case of the Velvet Claws.

This woman says she has been blackmailed by her husband and needs assistance from Mason, but she then gets accused of murder and tries to double-cross the attorney in the process.

There is a significant chance the second season will pay homage to the story and a version of it will play out across the next eight episodes.

Perry Mason Season 2
Perry Mason – Photograph by Merrick Morton/HBO /

Perry Mason Season 2: Eva Griffin might be a more difficult case than Emily’s.

Deadline also added some details on the story of Eva, whose real name is Eva Belter. She was photographed leaving an illegal gambling club on the arm of a politician, hence why her husband may have had her followed.

But Eva might have a lot more to hide than Emily Dodson ever did and if Mason already struggled to contend with the viciousness of the media and peoples’ quickness to leap to assumptions, it could get even uglier in Eva’s case, especially if she tries to throw him under the bus in the process. It sounds like she could be a femme fatale or black widow type of character.

Eva and Emily’s case also risks treading the same ground so I have a feeling the writers will be making some big changes from the 1933 novels to keep things fresh and modern, plus I’m sure they’ll want to provide some surprises for fans who already know what to expect.

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Season 1 of Perry Mason is now streaming on HBO Max.