Top 5 Thanksgiving episodes of New Girl, ranked

When it comes to Thanksgiving, New Girl checks every box.

New Girl is the kind of show you could binge-watch over and over again. And when it comes to Thanksgiving, no one does it better! So, I thought I would do you a favor and rank the Thanksgiving episodes of New Girl, so you know which one to watch or skip this Thanksgiving weekend.

5. New Girl Thanksgiving – Season 6 – Last Thanksgiving

Jess gets everyone up early to start cooking for Thanksgiving. Schmidt’s father and Nick’s girlfriend, Reagan, are coming. Jess’s boyfriend-ish Robby, also ends up coming over because he is too injured to fly. Jess was already struggling with her relationship status and is now trying to figure out ways to let Robby down easily.

To start the day, Schmidt’s dad shows up crying because he is going through a breakup.

After drinking some liquid courage, Schmidt and Nick decide to go to the ex’s, Ann’s, apartment to persuade her to come to Thanksgiving. She tells them no because Schmidt’s dad cheated on her with 5 other women. We see where Schmidt gets it from. Thanksgiving starts to unravel from there, and you can only imagine what happens next!

4. New Girl Thanksgiving – Season 2 – Parents

In this Thanksgiving episode of New Girl. Jess invites her divorced parents to their Thanksgiving feast in hopes of getting them back together. She tries to pull a fast one and takes a page out of her favorite movie. She creates a parent trap.

Jess’s parents aren’t the only family in town. Schmidt’s older cousin also makes his way to dinner. The original Schmidt and cousin Schmidt have also decided to battle on who is going to be the ultimate Schmidt.

With many games going on in the loft, Thanksgiving takes a turn!

3. New Girl Thanksgiving – Season 3 – Thanksgiving III

In this episode, they take Thanksgiving to the outdoors. Nick, Jess, Coach, Winston, and Cece make their way to a campsite to forage for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Nick is trying to prove his manliness to Coach because Coach implies Jess has taken it. While the men are out hunting, Jess and Cece end up cheating and find a local market to pick up some fruits and vegetables. Nick finally finds something to cook and eat. The only problem is, is that he find a fish that was already dead. I don’t know about you, but dead fish can’t be good on any day!

New Girl

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2. New Girl Thanksgiving – Season 1 – Thanksgiving

This episode is one of the more iconic Thanksgiving episodes because no one in the loft, besides Jess, wants to celebrate Thanksgiving. Because Jess has already asked her co-worker Paul to come over for Thanksgiving, the whole loft is forced to celebrate.

Jess being the overachiever that she is, tries to cook a frozen turkey in 24 hours. At the same time, Jess tries to master the turkey. Schmidt and Cece take over the sides, and Schmidt can’t handle it.

Paul and Nick head to the store to pick up some extra things, and things take off from there!  There may even be a dead body involved! This episode is definitely memorable!

1. New Girl Thanksgiving – Season 4 – Thanksgiving IV

Last but not least, there is the ultimate Thanksgiving episode, Thanksgiving IV, or as more people remember it, “Bangs-giving.” At the beginning of Thanksgiving IV, Schmidt proposed “Bangs-giving.” Each member of the loft picks someone out of a hat to bring a date for.

Schmidt picks Cece, and she thinks that he is going to set her up with himself. Coach ends up bringing Jess’s coworker Ryan. Cece brings Nick’s ex for Schmidt. Coach is intimidated by his date.  Schmidt is determined to save “Bangs-giving,” and things go awry from there!

There you have it, all of the Thanksgiving episodes of New Girl ranked! Do you agree with our list? Which one are you watching this Thanksgiving weekend? 

You can watch all of the seasons of New Girl on Netflix!