Is Genera+ion new today, March 18, 2021?

Uly Schlesinger, Justice Smith in Generation Episode 4 - Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max
Uly Schlesinger, Justice Smith in Generation Episode 4 - Photograph by Warrick Page / HBO Max /

Genera+ion left us with a big shock at the end of its third episode and we’re eager to see what happens next! Will there be new episodes of Genera+ion uploaded on HBO Max today, March 18, 2021?

I come bearing good news! HBO Max has uploaded the next two installments of its edgy new teen drama! The third and fourth episodes of the first season are now available to watch on the streaming service, they went live at 3:00 a.m. ET.

  • Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 4, “P—y Power”
  • Genera+ion Season 1, Episode 5, “Gays and Confused”

At the end of the third episode, Nathan made a public spectacle of himself after getting high and giving a toast at his sister Natalia’s wedding dress rehearsal on a yacht called The Seaman. Poor Nathan got in over his head and accidentally revealed to the entire crow (including his conservative parents) that he is bisexual.

After, Nathan jumped overboard and allowed himself to sink to the bottom, but then Chester followed him into the water to pull him back to safety. The last we see of the pair, Chester is tugging Nathan up to the surface.

The first five episodes of Genera+ion are available to watch right now on HBO Max: You can add HBO on Prime Video Channels to your Prime membership for $14.99/month

What happens in the latest episodes of Genera+ion, streaming today?

In the fourth episode, Chester will do whatever it takes to get invited into Sam’s office as his crush appears to grow. But he’ll have a hard time accepting the guidance offered. Meanwhile, Nathan and Naomi’s mother, Megan will struggle to keep up with the way the world is changing around her, potentially triggered by her son’s outburst.

The fifth episode will focus mostly on Riley and Greta, who will get a chance to spend an intimate day together after school closes. Chester will continue to obsess over Sam, especially after they have a chance encounter that makes him contemplate their relationship.

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Don’t miss two all-new episodes of Genera+ion today, Tuesday, March 18 only on HBO Max.