The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 recap: Chase Guest-Edits Vogue

Wanda Sykes in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 - Photograph by Greg Endries/HBO
Wanda Sykes in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 - Photograph by Greg Endries/HBO /

In The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3, “Chase Guest-Edits Vogue,” Brooke learns what the reality of manager life is really like while Cary struggles to pay his rent. Streeter deals with being pushed aside in favor of Brooke.

Since embracing her new life as co-manager of Chase and Pat, Brooke appears to have found her groove and, dare I say, success? At least, that’s what it appears like at first. Even Shuli (Wanda Sykes) has taken a shine to Brooke, as shown in the meeting of Chase’s team.

The video of Chase debuting his blond hair hit 100 million views, meaning Chase has hit the level of fame in his singing career where he no longer needs to sing, like Justin Timberlake or Rihanna.

Next for Chase, he’ll be guest-editing Vogue, and Shuli has secured an exclusive invitation for Brooke, as Chase’s manager, to a big party. Streeter is upset he wasn’t invited but tries to play it cool. That means for once in Brooke’s life, her name will actually be on the list, and all she has to do is say it and go inside!

The only hitch is that she has a call with Chex Mix beforehand to discuss the Pat Dubek aftershow they’re sponsoring. Brooke assumes the call won’t take long, but that’s where she’s wrong. Once at the party, Brooke cannot go inside because she has to surrender her phone to do so (they’re debuting the new Hadid sister, and no one wants social media leaks).

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The Other Two Season 2
Helene Yorke in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 – Photograph by HBO Max /

She’s forced to stand outside for the call, and they have to hold for an hour waiting on a woman named Tamara. Outside, Brooke notices a huddle of people just like her, the other managers, the “Helen Kellers of the entertainment world,” as the leader puts it. They’re all brunettes and hang outside eating pizza while on hold in never-ending conference calls.

Brooke refuses to let that be her future. She goes straight to Tamra’s office building and threatens her to get on the call ASAP. Then, just when it’s ending, and Brooke thinks she might finally get to go into the party, Streeter gets on the call and starts the entire horrible process over again. Ultimately, Brooke misses the party, meeting Anna Wintour, and the reveal of Jamma Hadid.

Walking home arm-in-arm with Chase, she begs her brother for all the details on what Jamma looks like. While walking past a window, she notices a table of young women taking shots and having fun. For a moment, Brooke watches them wistfully, missing that old carefree life. Then one of the girls bangs her face on the table and tries to fight Brooke through the window, and she realizes maybe this manager thing isn’t so bad.

The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 recap: Cary joins Cameo

Elsewhere, Cary comes up $200 short on his rent. Despite doing tons of random hosting gigs, all of his paychecks are held up somehow because his agent sucks. Acting on advice from a friend, Cary starts doing Cameos to make up the extra cash.

Since he’s a D-list actor, he can only charge $18 max, but it works. He makes money in time to go to the Vogue party as Brooke’s plus-one. The problem is, Brooke isn’t there since she’s stuck on her call. Left to his own devices, Cary finds that no one at the party cares about him, and they’re not interested in his hosting gig for The Gay Minute. Realizing the party is a bust, Cary seeks a birthday party for a fan whose friends paid for a Cary Cameo.

The Other Two Season 2
Drew Tarver in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 3 – Courtesy of HBO Max /

The party quickly becomes awkward as none of them are enthused to see Cary and are definitely not interested in listening to him talk about his hosting gigs. Worse still is when Cary emerges from the bar, Jess spots him.

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Ashamed of being broke, Cary comes up with a weak lie about visiting his cousin Mario to cover for being at the bar and making videos on his phone. Jess assumes Cary is cheating on him and doesn’t even believe the Cameo excuse, especially not the part about him going to a random fan’s birthday party because “no would do that.” Jess makes Cary take him back to the bar to confirm his story with the same group of fans.

Later that night, Cary apologizes for lying but admits to feeling worthless and hoping that seeing that fan in person would make him feel wanted. Jess comforts him by saying that he wants him, obviously. Then he gets emotional and tells Cary that he’s his entire world and basically comes as close as humanly possible to saying “I love you,” which totally spooks Cary. In his own words, “Uh oh.”

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