The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 recap: Brooke tries to find love

Tim Rogan, Molly Shannon in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 - Photograph by Karolina Wajtasik/HBO
Tim Rogan, Molly Shannon in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 - Photograph by Karolina Wajtasik/HBO /

Since HBO Max is being so kind as to release two episodes of The Other Two Season 2 each week, now we’re following up with the second of the recent batch! In The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4, “Pat Hosts Just a Regular Show,” Brooke uses her mom’s daytime talk show to find eligible bachelors. Elsewhere, Cary and Jess hit a speedbump in their relationship.

Since Brooke is now Pat’s co-manager, she has a say in the guests that added to her show. Now that she’s no longer with Lance, Brooke is ready to start dating again and books a bunch of hot Instagram studs and other D-list bachelors. She asks each one out on a date, and they all say yes.

Unfortunately for Brooke, it’s just not meant to be. Each guy is super hot, but they all come with baggage or an obstacle she can’t get past. The first guy is so attractive that every woman in the restaurant keeps congratulating Brooke on snagging such a good catch, to the point it’s downright insulting (as if Brooke is ugly and dating way out of her league).

The Other Two Season 2
Molly Shannon, Helene Yorke, Tim Rogan in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 – Photograph by Karolina Wajtasik/HBO /

The second guy is a former Bachelor contestant that is now firmly entrenched in Bachelor Nation and literally cannot talk about anything else. Finally, Brooke thinks she’s struck gold with the third guy, a sexy doctor. But he’s actually a terrible doctor.

While fooling around, he notices a little bump that turns out to be nothing more than an ingrown hair. Yes, he makes Brooke go to the clinic with him to get it checked out that night. Even the nurse knew it was an ingrown hair and points out that the doc is an idiot. Not exactly a winner.

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By the end of her long night, Brooke feels dejected and lonely, even in her big new expensive apartment.

The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 recap: Cary and Jess break up

It’s not a good episode for Cary and Jess. The writing has been on the wall since the previous episode when Jess revealed how attached he already was to Cary. Things get worse this week as they go apple-picking and do all the usual domestic couple things. While out, Cary runs into one of the “Insta gays” from Season 1 who has settled down and gotten married. He invites Cary and Jess to his house to meet his husband and their perfectly boring, ordinary, tame lives.

The Other Two Season 2
Gideon Glick, Drew Tarver in The Other Two Season 2, Episode 4 – Courtesy of HBO Max /

The era of sleeping around and getting crazy is over for them and Cary panics at seeing his potential new future with Jess. Jess is in love with Cary and is totally game for them to move into a house soon. The problem is, Cary missed out on all those “crazy” fun years because he was in the closet for so long.

He’s definitely not ready to settle down because he’s hardly had any real dating experience with other men. As he puts it, he’s only seen six dicks in his life, three were straight, and one was his own. Does that really count? “What if I want to have sex instead of watching Sunday night HBO?” “Are you crazy?!”

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In short, Cary and Jess are just on completely different pages and they break up. Surprisingly, Cary is okay with his choice though, as he thinks it’s for the best. So when Brooke calls him and insists that she is available for him to talk to if he needs it, Cary, being the good brother he is, realizes his sister actually needs him more in this case and makes the trek to her new apartment.

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