The Walking Dead: Dead City adds Award-Winning actress Aixa Kendrick to the cast

Isle of the Dead. Image courtesy AMC
Isle of the Dead. Image courtesy AMC /

The Walking Dead: Dead City, formally Isle of the Dead has a new cast member; Aixa Kendrick. Already from another highly successful franchise Law & Order SVU, Aixa will co-star alongside Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan in a Walking Dead spinoff centering around the apocalypse in New York City.

Aixa Kendrick is an awarding-winning stage and screen actress. According to Loretta Magazine she will be playing a Jadis-like character.

If we recall, Jadis/Anne was leader of a group that lived in a garbage dump and after rescuing Rick she becomes heavily involved in the CRM. Kendrick’s character could be best “described as a scavenger lady that is unique-looking, tough, and knows her surroundings.”

Aixa is no newbie to playing a badass character. She helmed the cast of Layon Gray’s The Dahomey Warriors at the top of February 2022 playing for the fourth time General Oni who leads an all-female regiment who fiercely protects their Kingdom at the Sandrell River Theatre in Miami.

It is utterly refreshing to have more theater talent back in The Walking Dead universe. Kendrick has worked with Katheryn Begelow, an Oscar-winning director.

What will happen in The Walking Dead: Dead City?

She won an AUDELCO Best Actress award for her role as Oya in Baba ,David D. Wright’s award-winning dance drama Oya, Warrior Wind Goddess and Best Actress at the Hip Hop Film Festival’s 2020 Awards for her role as Natasha in Laura Fielder’s physiological thriller The Company You Keep.

Playing another badass in the apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead should come very easy for her. With her fantastic resume joining next to the sensational works of Morgan and Cohan this is a recipe for success.

The Walking Dead: Dead City is set to premiere in 2023 for six episodes following the story of Negan (Morgan) and Maggie Rhee (Cohan) in New York. Manhattan has been cut off from the mainland.

The government destroyed bridges and tunnels that could lead to island for any sort of help. Due to that decision, there is a horde of a million walkers that people have to bypass by zip line in order to survive.

Beside the two stellar leads Aixa will be joining Gaius Charles, Mahina Napoleon, Željko Ivanek, Jonathan Higginbotham, Karina Ortiz, Caleb Reese Paul and Charlie Solis. Filming for the show began in July and looks to continue through the Fall.

Location sites include Manhattan and East Rutherford, New Jersey. There is no release date of the series yet, but it will air sometime in 2023.

Pictures and videos have circled around social media as filming commences. This show looks to be top notch already, and we can’t wait!

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