What you may have missed in The Mandalorian season 1 finale

Upon completion of my second watch-through of The Mandalorian season 1, I realized why I love this Star Wars series so much. Considering I was going in with little to no knowledge of Mandalorians, I was pleasantly surprised.

As much as I have enjoyed the most recent Star Wars series on Disney Plus Andor, there has yet to be another show to top The Mandalorian. For me, at least.

As I watched the season 1 finale, I had somehow forgotten about one very important scene that became the catalyst for my article today.  As Din Djarin, Cara Dune, Grogu, IG-11, and Greef Karga attempt to escape Moff Gideon and stormtroopers via tunnels, the group comes across a rather saddening sight.

Throughout the finale Djarin repeatedly held onto the belief that the Mandalorians would come to their aid. But alas, it seems, most did not survive.

What happens in The Mandalorian season 1 finale?

Mandalorian armor and helmets remained piled on the ground, a result of retribution by stormtroopers. The Armorer, who thankfully survived, believes some may have escaped but is unaware of their location.

As heartbreaking as the sight is, she remains calm as she knows better than most, that this is the way of Mandalorians. Their way of life is never, ever, easy.

As she proceeds to tell Djarin what his next mission is, I couldn’t help but realize that as much as Mandalorians and Jedi hate each other, they are practically the same. But why do they hate each other?

Well, it may have something to do with the Mandalorian-Jedi War. To briefly explain, the two were at war resulting in the near destruction of Mandalore.

The irony is that as much as the two societies hate each other, their similarities are uncanny. Both follow very strict rules for every aspect of their lives, both are very powerful and strong warriors, both were betrayed and are on the brink of extinction.

Is it really all that surprising then that they would come together to fight a common enemy? Recent Star Wars stories in the form of the Disney Plus series, have been changing the way we look at the lore.

Tusken Raiders are not barbaric, monstrous creatures but loyal, resilient and often the victim of other truly dangerous creatures. The rebels aren’t always these straight and narrow heroes, as they often sacrifice others and even their morals for the greater good of the galaxy.

The list goes on and on. The stories and characters are evolving.

Perhaps years ago, a Jedi and Mandalorian couldn’t possibly fathom the idea of needing to work together. But now, they are learning that their differences do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

I’m curious if this scene was meant to somehow foreshadow the multiple times Jedi and Mandalorians have come together. I’m equally curious if there will be more instances to come in the next season and beyond.

The Mandalorian season 3 returns to Disney Plus on March 1, 2023.

Do you think the Jedi and Mandalorians will become allies in the future? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!