My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 8 recap: “Zero Day: Part One”

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Despite some issues with interdimensional beings, by the end of the last episode of My Adventures with Superman, it seems that things are going well for Clark in both his domestic and Superman life. That is until his super hearing starts kicking in.

With Superman able to hear people’s cries for help all over the city, he’s getting less and less sleep, spending all his time trying to solve every single problem in the city. While the constant Superman appearances are great for Jimmy’s blog, Superman’s hearing allows him to capture a brief snippet of The General’s voice.

Knowing he’s out there somewhere, Superman desperately searches for a chance to confront The General.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 8 recap – A cameo from a Batman character

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Lois is thrilled for the opportunity to help out a guest columnist, star reporter Vicki Vale of the Gotham Gazette. But her excitement quickly goes away when she learns that Vicki’s reason for coming to Metropolis is to write a hit piece, exposing what she is calling, “The Truth Behind Superman.”

Lois and Jimmy try to dissuade her from writing the piece, by pointing her to interviews with people who have nothing but nice things to say about Superman. Vicki is less than impressed, and sets up her own interview with Alex, the assistant of Dr. Ivo.

Alex has plenty to complain about after the battle between Superman and Ivo from a few episodes ago. Trying to find The General, Superman overhears Mist, the criminal who was able to turn invisible from the bank robbery a few weeks back.

With Mist being his one potential link to The General, Superman tries to chase him down, causing Mist to run into the street and almost get hit by a car. Superman manages to save Mist, but ends up causing a traffic wreck in the process.

He is not up to his full potential, having worn himself out trying to fix everything in the entire city. The car wreck seems to fit nicely with the narrative that Vicki Vale is pushing that Superman is not a good thing for the city, and citizens start to turn on the superhero.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 8 recap – Showdown with Task Force X

Afterward, Mist tells Superman that he escaped from The General, but he needs to go back and save his sister and friend. Superman agrees to help save the gang from The General, but it turns out to be a trap.

As Superman attacks The General’s ship trying to break out the supposed prisoners, he is attacked by pretty much every bad guy he’s faced in the show so far. Deathstroke, Ivo in upgraded Parasite armor, Livewire, and the rest of the gang that Superman thought he was saving, attack him as a single Task Force, bringing him back down to earth.

Some of Jimmy’s newfound fans are livestreaming the fight to his website, so Lois and Jimmy hurry, trying to find their friend and help in whatever way possible. Though Superman is weakened, both by pushing himself to the limit for the past several days, and by every supervillain attacking him at once, he is still able to hold his own for a while.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough, and Ivo is able to overpower Superman, bringing him to his knees and almost killing him. Ivo is stopped at the last minute by The General, who wants Superman alive.

It looks like all the villains are wearing some kind of shock collars to keep them in line, including Mist, showing that it was all a setup from the beginning. Lois and Jimmy arrive on the scene just in time to see Superman being put into The General’s plane and flown away.

The episode ends with the words, “To Be Continued…” on the screen.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 8 recap – Heading towards the finale…

We’re approaching the end of the first season. With 10 episodes total, it looks like this episode is the beginning of the climax season 1.

And it’s pretty impressive to see what has come out of the relatively small number of episodes that we’ve gotten so far. While no one episode has felt packed or overcrowded, the show was still able to assemble Task Force X with the characters that have already appeared on the show.

What’s more, the characters are all incredibly well fleshed out. Each one seems to have a personal relationship with Superman, and their own individual reasons for being part of the Task Force.

These characters have all only been in one or two episodes before this one, and yet, putting them together creates a group dynamic that the viewer can immediately latch onto, because the characters are already so well established. It’s also pretty clear that the show isn’t wasting anything.

Though Vicki’s interviews were clearly the B plot of the show, each interview is attached to a moment from earlier in the series. And while some of them may have just been a nod to something that happened earlier, the interview with Alex is clearly accomplishing what it needs to do for this episode, while planting seeds for things that could return in the future.

Characters that seemed like they were just there to be a plot point (whether it’s the Task Force X members or the interviewees) are fully realized characters of their own. It’s an incredibly richly detailed world that the show has been able to build.

Which is why leading into the season finale, feels like such a monumental moment as it starts to pay off things that we didn’t even know were being set up earlier.

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