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At the end of the last episode of My Adventures with Superman, the superhero had been defeated by Task Force X, and taken as a prisoner of The General to an undisclosed location for questioning. At first, Superman tries to insist that he just wants to help people, but The General doesn’t believe him.

While Superman is restrained, The General uses some holograms to provide a flashback of Zero Day, the exact day 22 years ago that aliens first made contact with Earth.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 9 recap – Backstory is revealed

It turns out that The General and Amanda Waller were both low ranked soldiers present on Zero Day. They saw a mysterious hole open up in the sky, and an armada of spaceships that look like the one that brought Superman to Earth, started to come through.

They launch an invasion, killing almost every soldier on the ground and destroying the entire base. However, something stops the invasion from beyond, causing the hole to seal once again, breaking the connection between the invaders and their army of robots.

The General and Amanda Waller survive the attack. They repurpose the abandoned war robots to help create Task Force X, all in preparation for the day that the invaders would return.

So The General has a pretty good reason to mistrust Superman, however Superman seems horrified by what he just saw. He seems to be learning for the first time, that he was sent to Earth as a weapon of war, not as a savior.

Superman’s response to witnessing Zero Day causes The General to pause for a moment. Perhaps Superman is being more truthful that he originally thought.

Waller is not as swayed, and she suggests handing Superman over to Ivo if he’s not of any more use. The General, however, commands her to stand down, saying that for the time being they are going to keep Superman alive for possible further information.

Waller disagrees with this call, and as she leaves she covertly turns off the cameras that are monitoring Task Force X. Livewire, seeing that the cameras are down, breaks her restraint collar as well as the restraints on the other members of the team who were being held captive.

She also frees Ivo and gives him his Parasite suit so that he can kill Superman once and for all. The General tries to stop the jailbreak, but with most of Task Force X having turned against him, they overpower his soldiers in their escape.

Ivo attacks Superman, but the superhero, still reeling from the Zero Day flashback, refuses to fight back. Ivo begins to draw power from the base surrounding them as well as energy from Livewire, causing the Parasite suit to begin to grow as it surges with absorbed energy.

Parasite, complete with the newly powered up suit, attacks Superman, inadvertently freeing him in the process. Superman makes his escape, but is still drained from his fights with Parasite and the entire Task Force from the previous episode.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 9 recap – Lois and Jimmy are also in this episode

Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy have been trying to find Superman the entire episode ever, having been unable to stop him from getting kidnapped last episode. The crew of news delivery kids join the search and it’s Flip who discovers Superman crawling out from underground, trying to escape the lab.

Flip takes Superman to the News Delivery Kids clubhouse where Lois and Jimmy meet him. Superman tells them that he learned about his past and it turns out that he’s nothing more than a weapon that’s been sent to take out humanity.

Lois tells him that she refuses to believe that and that Clark is a person, not just a weapon. He has agency and can decide his own fate.

As Lois and Jimmy are talking to Clark, Ivo reaches the surface trying to track down and kill Superman. The suit pulls energy from every nearby building, and continues to grow, becoming a kaiju-sized monster terrorizing the streets.

Superman realizes that he is the only one that can stop Ivo and heads out to finally fight back. By this point, Ivo’s parasite suit has grown so big it seems like there is nothing that Superman can do to stop him.

Jimmy reveals himself to his followers on Firebird, his conspiracy theory site. He and Lois plead with the viewers, reminding them of all the good that Superman has done for the city, explaining that now it’s their turn to help Superman.

They tell all of Metropolis to turn off their power, lights, generators, everything, to try and starve the Parasite suit. The call works and people all over the city cut their power, causing Ivo’s suit to wither.

Superman’s X-ray vision kicks in and he pinpoints exactly where in the monster suit Ivo is, and pulls him out, separating him from the suit and saving the day. Superman tells Lois that he was able to hear what she was saying about him and thanks her for believing in him, as the sun rises on the newly saved city.

Back at Task Force X, The General is stripped of command of the Task Force due to his hesitancy to take care of Superman. Amanda Waller is now in charge of the Task Force.

She orders The General to hunt down and kill Superman as the episode comes to a close.

My Adventures with Superman season 1, episode 9 recap – A grand season finale… with one more episode to go.

In a lot of ways, this really felt like a season finale. It was the second half of a mega two-part episode, where everything that the entire season had been building up to, came to a climactic confrontation.

Some new information was revealed, and things that we had been waiting for paid off. But there’s still one more episode to go.

Arguably, that could be viewed as a little bit concerning. What exactly is this show trying to pull off, where the season finale happens a whole episode early?

But so far, this show has pretty much called it’s shot and nailed it every time. Even when it has presented elements that you would think wouldn’t work in a modern Superman story, it’s able to effectively show why it’s telling the story the way that it is.

So let’s see what one final episode of the season looks like and how things get wrapped up.

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