The 4 best shows coming to Prime Video this month (May 2024)

From Outer Range season 2 to The Outlaws season 3, get ready for some great series in the new month!
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Prime Video may not be as popular as other streamers like Netflix and Max, but that doesn't mean the streaming service doesn't have some great offerings! One highlight and a favorite of mine is definitely Outer Range. The show gives you Yellowstone vibes, but with a sci-fi twist. It's quite unique and I'm not surprised that many of you lovely viewers agree with me.

So what's coming to Prime Video in May 2024? We've got 4 great shows including Maxton Hall - The World Between Us, Outer Range season 2, DOM season 3, and The Outlaws season 3. Read on below for details on when you can tune in, and what's coming up for each series!

Maxton Hall
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Maxton Hall - The World Between Us

Stream on Thursday, May 9

There's lots of great foreign shows out there. Just look at how popular K-dramas are. One new drama we think you should check out is Maxton Hall - The World Between Us which is a German series. Rich, arrogant boy meets a beautiful, more humble girl at an elite private school. I think we all know where this is going!

The show is centered around Ruby who is at the school on scholarship and "arrogant millionaire heir James Beaufort," per the synopsis. When she accidentally sees an "explosive secret at Maxton Hall," aka their school, James needs to find a way to keep Ruby quiet. But she's not easily silenced. Their "passionate exchange of words" might just get some sparks flying between them. I can see the tension and chemistry building now.

Damian Hardung takes ont he role of James, while actress Harriet Herbig-Matten plays Ruby. Maxton Hall - The World Between Us has a total of 6 episodes, all of which will be available to stream on premiere day. The drama is based on the novel Save Me by Mona Kasten.

Outer Range Season 2 - First Look
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Outer Range season 2

Stream on Thursday, May 16

If you like Westerns with a twist, then Outer Range is definitely going to be your thing. The neo-Western drama's first season came to an end almost two years ago in May 2022. Now, season 2 is finally nearly here and coming in May 2024. The good news is that all 7 episodes will be available to binge-watch on premiere day. While season 1 released new episodes weekly, the sophomore season is all at once. Yay!

What makes this show unique is that it combines Western and sci-fi elements into one story. And it honestly works. The dark void in Wyoming near the Abbott family ranch is still going to play a central role in Outer Range season 2. Per a press release, the next chapter in the story sees Royal and his wife Cecelia "struggle to keep their family together in the aftermath of their granddaughter’s sudden disappearance." They'll face high-stakes challenges and the characters will fall " deeper into the void with profound and unforeseen circumstances that could shake the very foundations of time itself."

The cast includes Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott; Imogen Poots as Autumn; Lili Taylor as Cecelia Abbott; Tamara Podemski as Deputy Sheriff Joy Hawk; Lewis Pullman as Rhett Abbott; Tom Pelphrey as Perry Abbott; Noah Reid as as Billy Tillerson; Shaun Sipos as as Luke Tillerson; Isabel Arraiza as as Maria Olivares; Olive Abercrombie as as Amy Abbott; and Will Patton as Wayne Tillerson.

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DOM season 3

Stream on Friday, May 24

Another great foreign show to check out this month is Brazilian series, DOM season 3. This is the final season of the drama, which stars Aline Borges, Dhonata August, and Flavio Tolezani. It's not known how many episodes there are and the release schedule, though the first two seasons each had 8 episodes. We shared the official synopsis below:

"In this final season of Dom, the countdown has started and our protagonists are even closer to death. On one side, Pedro finds shelter in Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio, trying to run away from the police but at the same time threatened by drug dealers. On the other, Victor Dantas, aware of his son's situation, has to cope with lung cancer and is doing everything in his power in a last attempt to save Pedro. Even with this turmoil of emotion, the imminence of death does not depress Victor and Pedro but instead brings them back to life. The series finally shows the infamous scene in which Pedro explodes the grenade in the tunnel, moments before dying. A hunt so publicized and so bloody that it could have had no other end."

The Outlaws Season 3
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The Outlaws season 3

Stream on Friday, May 31

All these shows on the May list so far have been dramas. Which is fine, I love me some dramas. Though sometimes, we need comedies too. Thankfully, that's where The Outlaws season 3 comes in! The new season has a total of 5 episodes, which will all be streaming on Friday, May 31, 2024 on Prime Video. Don't you just love binge drops?

Last time we saw the outlaws, they were able to get themselves out from under The Dean's thumb by setting him up. Now, he's behind bars and waiting for his trial. Plus in a big twist, Rani decides to leave Ben behind and instead is on an adrenaline rush after stealing a couple's car. This indicates that Rani is enjoying the crime life a bit too much. While The Dean is in prison, he may still be a problem for the group. Check out the synopsis and trailer below:

"With crime boss The Dean, (Claes Bang, Bad Sisters) behind bars awaiting trial, The Outlaws are moving on with their lives—until one of their own returns with a deadly secret, hurling them back into mortal danger. As a murder manhunt closes in on the gang, can they prove their innocence before The Dean’s case collapses, and he comes looking for revenge?"

The series stars Stephen Merchant as Greg, Rhianne Barreto as Rani, Gamba Cole as Ben, Darren Boyd as John, Clare Perkins as Myrna, Eleanor Tomlinson as Lady Gabby, Jessica Gunning as Diane, Charles Babalola as Malaki, TOm Hanson as Spencer, and Christopher Walken as Frank.

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