4 things The Serpent Queen trailer tells us ahead of season 2

The Starz series premieres July 12, 2024 with the first episode.
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The Serpent Queen season 2 officially arrives on Friday, July 12, 2024 on Starz. And trust me, you don't want to miss it! While in the first season we saw Catherine growing into the strong and calculated queen that she is, it's clear in the second season that she has got the game down to a T.

And we get a glimpse of that from the official trailer! So what else does the first-look reveal? Here's 4 things The Serpent Queen trailer tells us ahead of season 2. But before that, check out the trailer below.

Catherine is as determined as ever

As she states in the trailer, Catherine believes life is about what you're willing to do to survive. And she's definitely willing to do anything to do just that. That's so difficult to do within castle walls as a royal, especially during difficult times in your country. Add religion to the mix, and Catherine is going to have a lot to deal with for sure.

Also as we see that the Bourbons and the Guises are all still around, I'm assuming also still a part of the privy council, they're going to continue to bicker and insult each other as they have for years. Will these cousins ever get along? Probably not based on their religious beliefs. It's a delicate balance the queen has to maintain. And it's all to protect herself as well. I'm sure she's up to the task!

Samantha Morton as Catherine de Medici in The Serpent Queen season 2 on Starz
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Is there room for two powerful queens in France?

France and England are enemies, but with the arrival of Queen Elizabeth I on French soil is that going to change? What I love about this show is that it portrays a powerful female lead in a world surrounded by men who make all the decisions and believe they are the only ones who can be right. But with Catherine being regent for the last number of years, she's gained power. You can just see it even from the way she walks. So how is she going to be with Queen Elizabeth?

The Serepent Queen season 2 trailer, and promotional images, show us that the two queens will come face to face. Even though fun fact - they never met face to face in real life. They only corresponded through letters. But, this historical drama does take liberties with true events. I'm excited to see Minnie Driver as Queen Elizabeth, and she's definitely going to be a delight to have. Another strong queen in court? Count me in!

Isabel Jesper Jones as Edith in The Serpent Queen season 2 on Starz
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War is on the horizon

The Catholics and Protestants have a long history, both sides just not being able to get along and accept one another for years and years. France was able to keep a fragile balance between the two religious groups, but things are getting out of hand in the next chapter of the story. And Catherine is blaming Protestant "prophet" Edith in the trailer for the fracture. She's able to get a large number of loyal followerson her side, and it looks like she's not going down without a fight.

Of course immediately who comes to mind as well are the Guises and the Bourbons. They're definitely on opposite sides. Is the country ready to enter into a civil war? I don't know if those in court are, but it seems like the rest of France definitely is. And they're led by Edith. Catherine has many different issues to deal with, but I think this one is going to be the biggest of them all for sure.

Serpent Queen, The - Season 2 2024
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The royal children have more of a role

In season 1 of the show, we only really spent time with Francis as we saw the story between him and Mary, Queen of Scots and how it all ended tragically for the both of them. In The Serpent Queen season 2, it's evident that the royal children will play more of a role this time around. And there's multiple of them! The biggest will be Charles, who had his coronation as a young boy at the end of the first season. Remember Catherine placed the crown on his head herself? And that's how she's been regent for the last number of years.

But now Charles is grown up, and can lead as an adult. There's also glimpses of his siblings including Elizabeth, Margot, Anjou, and Hercules. It will be interesting to see the dynamic within the family. If other royal story are anything to go by, they're probably a dysfunctional one. But the introduction of these new characters will bring something different and new. And I'm excited to see what comes next!

The Seprent Queen season 2 premieres Friday, July 12, 2024 on Starz.

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