Dark Matter episode 4: An episode of discovery and intrigue, but slows down a bit too much (Review)

The fourth episode of the season sees multiple characters, including Jason and Amanda, navigating the infinite Corridor in the Box. How do they all fare?
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Another week means another new episode of Dark Matter on Apple TV+! Today, we're taking a look at episode 4 titled "The Corridor." While last Wednesday it was all about the Box and how it works, the new episode takes a look at what's inside the Box and the infinite Corridor Jason and Amanda found themselves in. This installment also has an emotional side to it. Here's what happened in the fourth episode, and what I thought about it.


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A journey through the Corridor

Jason and Amanda are now stuck in the Box, and end up in the infinite Corridor. But, they're not the only ones who make the trip! After the two travel through it, we see the aftermath and the frenzy Velocity is in. Including a frustrated Leighton who decides to go in after them. He claims there's nothing left for him in this world, and is ready to journey through. This guy has put all his time and money into the Box for the last 10 years, but I don't know if I would have taken that same risk not knowing what's in there and how to get back. Clearly he made the wrong choice because he's definitely lost. More on this later.

Jason and Amanda are definitely put through the wringer as they discover what's behind the closed doors. And it ain't pretty. The first reality they enter is a destructed world full of ash and buildings collapsing. We get a very action-y and thrilling sequence of them having to run for their lives. What else is new? The second reality the duo walks into is the scenario of what would've happened if they didn't escape into the Box. In a chilling moment, Amanda sees herself shot by Dawn. Definitely not what you want to see!

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Controlling the Box is an intriguing concept

Finally, the third reality is a freezing one with a snow blizzard. I'm sorry Amanda but this is when you choose to have your breakdown? Like, girl. Can't you see this snow storm? Because of this, Jason and Amanda are stuck here for a while but find refuge in an abandoned home. They're able to warm up and take a breather for the first time since they ran into the Box. Like in episode 3, there's lots of talking here. But it's talking that we need to hear. And they needed this downtime to give themselves a chance to think.

Jason realizes that the person in the Box controls it. The realities behind the closed doors are based on what you're thinking and feeling. I think this is really intriguing and a really smart concept. It really does make sense too if it's all basically controlled by the mind and emotional state. I like it! Eventually, they use the GPS to find the Box that's been buried in snow and make it back in. As a Chicagoan myself, I do want to point out that I appreciate Amanda calling the Sears Tower in the city by its original name and not its new one - Willis Tower. No Chicagoan will call it that. We refuse!

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Jason and Daniela had another son

In the last episode, it was hinted that Jason and Daniela had another son when Jason2 pulled out another birth certificate. Though it was confirmed in Dark Matter season 3 episode 4. When Jason and Amanda finally make it back to the Box, he sits down for a moment to remember and reflect. Today is Charlie's sixteenth birthday. Of course this makes him emotional, but it's even more difficult as he knows he's missing another important event with his family. And that's their remembrance of Charlie's twin brother, Maximillian.

I love the cut between Jason and Daniela telling the story, it makes it all the more emotional for sure. It's clear Jason and Amanda are also getting closer. You know, she's a great girl. Jason2 definitely doesn't deserve her! Jason also tells her that Jason2 is the one who abducted him, and he puts it together that the reason his other self switched places with him is because he has Daniela and Charlie. Dun, dun, dun.

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Back to the Corridor we go

As mentioned above, Leighton is clearly lost and has no idea what he's doing or how to navigate the Box. When he gets in, he calls for Jason and Amanda, but no one answers. Now I think based on what we know about the Box and how it works now, each person who enters will go into a different Corridor. That's because it's controlled by the mind and someone's emotions. We end the episode with Leighton struggling with some cruel alternate realities as well, not knowing what to do.

These three characters aren't the only ones who made the journey through though! Jason2 goes a bit off the rails. He quits his job and gets Charlie a new car for his birthday. But the most interesting thing is that he visits this reality's version of Leighton. He has a bunch of money, but really no purpose. And so Jason2 takes him through the Box as well. They have a much smoother time in there though, because this Jason knows what he's doing. I don't really get what Jason2 wants from this Leighton and why he showd him the Box. But my interest is piqued!

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Grading Dark Matter episode 4

Overall, I think Dark Matter episode 4 was well done and had a little bit of everything. The story continues to move along as with each episode us viewers learn something new at a steady pace. There was action, intrigue, and emotional beats that brought it all together. But again, there was a bit too much exposition this time around. The series does need to do a better job of showing more instead of relying on telling. But it wasn't too, too bad.

I do think a little bit of extra time was spent on those quieter moments. Don't get me wrong. They're needed and good to have. But these scenes could have been shorter. Also, I feel like the storyline with Jason2 is just moving at a really slow pace. I don't know. I'm curious about it, but not too crazy about this side of things if that makes sense. I'm hoping this storyline will start to pick up soon because we're already almost halfway through the season. Episode 4 grade level: B. Come back next week as we review episode 5!

B. "There was action, intrigue, and emotional beats that brought the episode all together. But again, there was a bit too much exposition this time around. The series needs to do a better job of more showing instead of relying on telling.". Aysha - Show Snob. Dark Matter episode 4 review. Dark Matter episode 4 GRADE

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