Dark Matter episode 7 recap: The worst of both worlds

Dark Matter episode 7 is now streaming on Apple TV+ and it ends with a wild twist you HAVE to see!
Dark Matter episode 7 on Apple TV+
Dark Matter episode 7 on Apple TV+ /

The best of both worlds? Not in the Dark Matter universe! Episode 7, titled "In the Fires of Dead Stars," features a wild twist and we have all of the questions! Let's recap.

Spoiler alert! If you have yet to watch the latest episode of Dark Matter on Apple TV+, please note that there are spoilers ahead. Go stream anything you may have missed before reading on.

The nerve of Jason 2! Imagine being so arrogant that you're annoyed your wife and son are still mad at you for almost killing the latter. Geez, Charlie, did you die? No. So get over it. And it's not the fact that Jason 2 didn't know Charlie is allergic to nuts. How would he have known? That's not his real son or reality. What's infuriating is that he expects Charlie and his wife to simply get over it.

The king of gaslighting doesn't stop there. When Daniela confronts Jason 2 about the mysterious vial she found at the storage unit, Jason 2 tells Daniela that it's a drug with the ability to let one see in superposition. This isn't the full truth. Jason 2 even tells Daniela that it is Ryan who gave him the drug. He agrees to stop using it. You know, after what happened to Charlie and then Daniela finding the vial, I really thought Daniela would be more suspicious about Jason 2.

At first, I thought Jason 1 and Jason 2 shared similarities. But now it's clear that the two couldn't be more different. Jason 2 is willing to go to extreme lengths to get what he wants, and it doesn't matter who he hurts along the way. Jason 1, on the other hand, isn't selfish or evil. All the OG Jason wants to do is return home and protect his family.

Dark Matter episode 7 on Apple TV+ /

Ryan missing has not gone unnoticed, and Jason 2 knows that he could get in trouble if Ryan doesn't turn up since it is learned that Jason 2 was the last person seen with Ryan. Jason 2 decides to unseal The Box to go find Ryan. But the final scenes prove that this isn't Jason 2's only problem.

After parting ways with Amanda, Jason 1 continues his search and is down to only a couple of ampoules. Finally, he makes it back to his universe. But before he can return home, Jason 1 stops by a gun shop, because no one messes with his family! Not even another version of himself. Oh, no, wait... Jason 1 only buys a bottle of pepper spray and a knife because he doesn't have a FOID card (a Firearm Owner's Identification). Not even a minute before Jason 1 leaves the shop, Jason 2 walks in. The shop employee asks him if he changed his mind, telling him that someone who looks just like him was just in. Next week's episode should be good! But let's hope Jason 1 doesn't bring a knife to a gunfight.

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