Dark Matter thankfully starts to put the puzzle pieces together from the get-go (Episode 2 review)

The show starring Joel Edgerton premiered yesterday with the first two episodes. Here's what we think about the second installment.
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Onto the next review! Yesterday, we took a look at Dark Matter episode 1, "Are You Happy in Your Life?" And today, it's time to review episode 2 of the Apple TV+ series, "Trip of a Lifetime." As a reminder, one new episode of the sci-fi show is released and streaming each week on Wednesdays. However on premiere day, the first two came out which is why we have two reviews for you this week!

Alright, let's jump in. Just like the very first episode served as an establishing one, which is basically what all series' do, that's nothing out of the ordinary, episode 2 felt like that as well. But because we now know we're dealing with two different realities, the story really needed to take the time to do so and this mechanism works. Where episode 1 focused on family man Jason's life with Daniela and Charlie, the second installment gives us a close look at science man Jason's life of research and accomplishments. As well as his relationships with Daniela and Ryan compared to family man Jason. For a full recap, click here.


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Reviewing Dark Matter episode 2

I liked the pacing of this episode. It was a bit slower but we needed the time to take in this new reality and understand that this craziness wasn't all just in Jason's head. There really are two Jasons. This was made obvious when the bartender at Village Tap, the bar that family man Jason frequents, didn't recognize him at all. Jason Edgerton's acting is so on point in this scene. Just imagaine the desparation and frustration if you were in a situation like this. Then when he goes to the hospital, fearing there's "something wrong with [his] mind." I just wanted to give him a big hug. I really like the shots and angles the director chose to use here, making it seem like we are in a daze just like him. And getting really close to his face with the camera to get the intimate emotions he's feeling was a great visual tool.

Jason manages to track this reality's Daniela down, and their history is anything but great. Though they're still friends, the other Jason chose his research and career over building a family with Daniela when she becomes pregnant. That's why they're not together in this reality, and Charlie doesn't exist since she chose to abort the baby. Even so and with this complicated history, Daniela believes Jason's story and helps him to try to figure out what's going on. It's sweet that even in this crazy alternate world, you can see that Jason is finally able to relax a bit after being so stressed and tense. Daniela is his safe haven, even here.

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Again, this episode is a bit slower but we do get an explanation of what's going on right away. And I appreciate that. As a viewer, I didn't want to be spending the first few episodes having the character trying to figure out what exactly is going on. Jason is smart enough to put the pieces together that scientist Jason continued the research he had been working on before, and managed to create a box that allows a person to travel to the multiple realities of quantum physics. And it's Jason himself, another version of him, who abducted him. This all could have gotten confusing and become hard to follow along, but the show does a good job of explaining it all in an easy and concise way.

So why do this? It all comes back to Daniela. It seems like scientist Jason has regrets on how he handled the news of her pregnancy and the choices he made in his past. And so, he decides to steal the life of this other version of himself. Rude. Ugh, the ending of this Dark Matter episode did what shows do best - have a nice emotional moment between Jason and Daniela and then completely rip our hearts out. We end with the harrowing shot of Daniela shot dead.

Like the premiere, overall I enjoyed this episode. A little bit more actually. It moves at steady pace, and the story of the episode is interesting as we the audience start to put the puzzle pieces together along with Jason. It moves a step forward in this mystery-solving quest for Jason to get himself back home. Episode 2 grade level: A. Be sure to come back to Show Snob next Wednesday for our review of the third episode.

A. "The story of the episode is interesting as we the audience start to put the puzzle pieces together along with Jason.". Aysha - Show Snob. Dark Matter episode 2 review. Dark Matter episode 2 review grade

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