Don't worry, The Old Man season 2 is still happening (But the wait might be a while)

The drama hasn't aired since 2022, but it sounds like the second season may finally be coming to TV screens!
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Fans of The Old Man have been waiting for season 2 of the FX drama for a long time. Now, at last we have a hint on what may be coming for it! Premiering on FX and Hulu in 2022, The Old Man was notable for bringing Oscar-winning veteran actor Jeff Bridges to television. He plays Dan Chase, a seemingly quiet man living in Vermont. Things take a turn when he kills an intruder in his home and heads off on the run. More on this below.

Since its debut, the show has been a success with critics and audiences and renewed for a second season in 2022. However, there’s been little word on it since, leading to concerns if it is continuing or not. So is The Old Man season 2 happening?

The Old Man is coming back, but not yet

Speaking to TVLine at the Disney Upfronts event, both Bridges and executive producer Warren Littlefield said there’s no premiere date set for The Old Man Season 2, but it is still happening. And it sounds like at least some of the scripts have been written. The crew may very well be filming or done filming as well. We hope that's the case!

Bridges stated that the second season picks up just weeks after season 1 and “will be upping the ante” as Chase and Harper go “looking for our daughter — either Angela or Emily, depending on who you’re asking! But we’re traveling all over the world this season,” he said, including to Hong Kong, England and Afghanistan. 

Littlefield added how “it’s a father’s quest to get his daughter and bring her to safety.” As a reminder, we learn in the first season that Chase is a former top CIA operative who went underground after an op went bad. He drags along Zoe (Amy Brenneman) as he has to handle killers sent by an Afghan warlord. FBI director Harper (John Lithgow) enlisted Chase’s own daughter, Emily (Alia Shawkat), an agent only for her to be kidnapped by some renegade agents. 

Prashant Gupta/FX /

The finale finally revealed the stunning truth that Emily wasn’t Chase’s daughter but the warlord’s, and this whole thing was about getting her back. She seemed set to reunite with her true dad while Chase and Harper found themselves on the run. And so it makes sense we're picking up where the finale left off with that big cliffhanger!

The update from the star and executive producer indicates that season 2 has potentially wrapped up, and the show’s just waiting for a premiere date for FX/Hulu. The delay is understandable, as Bridges had a nasty bout with COVID-19 during production and needed time to recover. Also, like all Hollywood productions, the 2023 actors and writers strikes delayed production, throwing off the premiere date along with the complex location shooting.

So it's unlikely the show will premiere anytime before the late fall of 2024 at the earliest. More likely, FX might hold it back to 2025 for a bit more attention. So while there’s no date set yet, fans can be assured that The Old Man season 2 is still happening, and upping the stakes for some amazing action!

The Old Man season 1 is streaming on Hulu.

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