Here's 8 new shows coming to Hulu in July 2024 for you to stream

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Hulu has a variety of new shows and seasons coming out in July 2024! So there's definitely something for everyone. Whether it's international titles, regular scripted series', documentaries, or even adult animation, there's new releases in each of those categories this month. Check them out below:

  • Red Swan (international title) - July 3
  • Land of Tanabata (international title) - July 4
  • Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer (docuseries) - July 11
  • Hit -Monkey season 2 (adult animation) - July 15
  • UnPrisoned season 2 (scripted series) - July 17
  • How I Caught My Killer season 2 (docuseries) - July 18
  • Dress My Tour (competition series) - July 23
  • Futurama season 12 (adult animation) - July 29

Ready to learn more about the shows? We highlighted 5 below that we think you should definitely check out. Read on for the details!

Red Swan

Streaming Wednesday, July 3

Hulu is bringing a new international title this month, and that's Red Swan which premieres Wednesday, July 3, 2024 with the first two episodes. The series follows Oh Wansoo and her husband Kim Yongkook. Their marriage seems to be perfect on the outside, but actually Kim has been cheating on Oh for years, with her knowledge, per the synopsis.

She's tried to keep it under wraps and together but when a new bodyguard, Seo Doyoon, is hired for them, her "loyalties will be tested for the first time." He's tasked with keeping her safe, but perhaps there's another reason for him showing up. And could it threaten everything Oh has worked hard for? We'll find out soon! There will be a total of 10 episodes.

Land of Tanabata

Streaming Thursday, July 4

Another international title to be excited about is Land of Tanabata, which drops with the first three episodes Thursday, July 4 on Hulu. The series has a total of 10 episodes. We shared the official synopsis below:

"Adapted from the popular manga by Hitoshi Iwasaki, the series will follow Yoji Minamimaru, an absent-minded university student who discovers he has the seemingly useless power of being able to make a hole in anything. Affectionately called Nanmaru by his friends, Minamimaru will suddenly find himself at the center of a potentially world-ending crisis with nothing but his useless power to help."

Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer

Streaming Thursday, July 11

True crime is a very popular genre. Many of us are interested to know the psyche of people who commit some of the worst crimes and try to understand how a person could come to do so. And that's what Dr. Ann Burgess did, and made it her job to do while she worked for the FBI. Plus, she was the only woman working with the nation's security service organization at the time. Thanks to her, she was able to develop a tool of sorts to help catch these serial killers.

The three-episode docuseries, Mastermind: To Think Like a Killer, which full streams on July 11, explores how the psychiatric nurse and professor was able to find patterns to develop what we have now as a serial killer profile, as well as highlights her work with high-profile cases like Ed Kemper and Ted Bundy. Per Hulu, "Dr.Burgess impacted not only the FBI, she also radically championed the plight of women in America."

UnPrisoned season 2

Streaming Wednesday, July 17 on Hulu

The Alexander family is back, and they're a mess apparently! But perhaps they'll be able to get through it all together. When UnPrisoned season 2 debuts on July 17 with all 8 episodes on Hulu, we're going to see Paige's therapy practice in trouble, Finn dealing with his anxiety, and Edwin still figuring out what to do with his life now that he's no longer in prison, per the synopsis. While they're each dealing with their own struggles, these challenges also test their relationships together as a family.

As a therapist herself, Paige can recognize she, Finn, and Edwin need help. And so, they turn to a professional to do just that. The "family radical healing coach" they go to see "throws out all the rules to free them of the issues, old wounds, and family secrets holding them back." It's going to be a wild ride, but I know they can get through it together. And the therapist who's going to help them through it all is actor John Stamos as Murphy. Their really couldn't be a better casting!

Futurama season 12

Streaming Monday, July 29

Futurama is coming back to you fresh with 10 new episodes on Monday, July 29! Are you ready? We'll see what happens next for Fry and Leela as their "time-muddled romance" takes the forefront, per the synopsis. The characters we know and love will also play birthday games "to the death," discover new secrets about Bender's ancestors, and learn the "5-million-year-old story behind coffee."

So it's safe to say, it'll definitely be a jam-packed season. I can't wait! The good news is that we already know the animated series has been renewed by Hulu for another two seasons as well. So we can look forward to Futurama seasons 13 and 14, which will bring a combined 20 new episodes in 2025 and 2026.

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