Love Island USA season 6 episode 1 recap: Which couples will make it to the end? (Ranked)

Let's rank the first set of couples on Love Island USA season 6 by how likely they are to make it to the end!
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Serena Page, Kordell Beckham, Kaylor Martin, Aaron Evans, Ariana Madix, Hannah Smith, Kendall Washington -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock)
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Serena Page, Kordell Beckham, Kaylor Martin, Aaron Evans, Ariana Madix, Hannah Smith, Kendall Washington -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

The Islanders are back! Love Island USA season 6 has dropped and we are off to a great start. Only one episode in and you can tell this will be an intense, hot, and drama-packed season!

A lot happened in the season 6 premiere of Love Island USA, let's recap! Below, we list the Islanders and rank the first set of couples by how likely they are to leave the island together. That said, if you missed season 6 episode 1, you're in for spoilers if you read ahead. Go stream the episode on Peacock, first!

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix did a fantastic job as our new Love Island USA host. She was looking flawless and ready to dive into things. Iain Stirling is back as narrator, providing much-needed comedy relief. As for the singles...let's just say we already have our favorite and know who we want off the island! Is it too early to judge? Maybe! But that's what reality TV is for.

Meet the 10 singles looking for love (and to win the $100,000 cash prize)

Serena: First up, we have Serena. She is a 24 year old social media planner from Houston, TV. Serena describes her perfect man as a bald man who is "tatted like a Chipotle bag."

Kaylor: The youngest woman on the island is Kaylor! This beauty is 22 years old and from Pennsylvania. She is currently in school and studying autism behavior analysis.

Hannah: I didn't quite catch what Hannah does for a living. Did she even mention it? Let me know! But Hannah did share she is 26 years old from North Carolina. She has a condition called hyperhidrosis, which causes sweaty hands and feet. Mmmk, Hannah, good to know, I suppose?

Leah: Miss Leah let us all know that she is a Triple Leo from Calabasas and 24 years old. She is Persian and her first language was actually Farsi. Leah is in media device sales and studying public health.

JaNa: Last, but certainly not least, we have JaNa from Hawaii! JaNa grew up in a military family so she has been all around the states. She is 27 years old and a day trader in the foreign exchange market. JaNa is also very proud of her 807 credit score and says the only thing missing in her life is a man!

Love Island USA - Season 6
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jana Craig, Leah Kateb, Serena Page, Hannah Smith, Kaylor Martin -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

Kendall: And now for the men! We begin with 26 year old Kendall from Dallas, TX. Kendall is in medical device sales and a HUGE fan of Star Wars.

Aaron: The Brit has arrived! Aaron is from the UK and works as a deckhand in superyachts, which allows him to travel. I wasn't able to catch his age, though. Did you?

Coyne: This single is a 6'8 man from North Carolina! But don't let how tall he is fool you, Coyne shares he is a softie with a nine pound Chihuahua back at home. He is a unit director and 28 years old.

Kordell: The youngest man and Islander is Kordell at 21 years old. Kordell is an aircraft fueler and says that he knows he is on the shorter side, 5'8, but it's all about the confidence! Kordell is the younger brother of NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.

Rob: Does Rob seem familiar? That's because he has been in Love Island before, but didn't meet anyone. The 25 year old snake wrangler is back and more hopeful than before.

Love Island USA - Season 6
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Kendall Washington, Hannah Smith, Kordell Beckham, Serena Page -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

What happens in Love Island USA season 6 episode 1?

The Islanders get right to it and play an ice-breaker game. Kendall goes first and has to kiss the woman he is the most intimidated by. His pick? Leah! They seem to enjoy the kiss, but I didn't notice any sparks flying. Next, JaNa has to pick two Islanders who give her green flag vibes and kisses Rob and Coyne.

Aaron's task is a bit more difficult, he has to kiss who he believes has the highest body count. Aaron instead says he will pick the one he is the most attracted to and goes for Kaylor. Good move, Aaron! Kordell kisses Serena, who matches his color scheme, and says it was meant to me! Aww...we'll see about that. Serena does not return the favor though, and instead goes in to kiss Coyne. He picks her up and things get steamy. Coyne is looking to be a favorite.

Rob kisses Leah and Kaylor kisses Rob, later commenting that she did not enjoy the kiss. It is Coyne's turn and he picks JaNa and Serena, the two who caught his eye. When Hannah steps up, she kisses Coyne, leaving makeup all over his face. Cringe.

Love Island USA season 6 couples and ranking

Time to couple up! We have Kaylor and Aaron and Leah and Rob. The others, however, it was a little complicated. Coyne was picked by not one, not two, but three of the women -- Serena, JaNa, and Hannah. Ultimately, it's Coyne's choice and he doesn't hesitate to pair up with JaNa. As for Kendall and Kordell, no one went to them.

Kordell is given first dibs from the two women left, Serena and Hannah, and he asks for Serena. This leaves Kendall with Hannah. But not so fast! Olivia aka Liv enters the Island! She is there as the first woman with the right to steal a man! After speaking with Rob, Aaron, and Kendall, Liv steals Rob from Leah. Here's our ranking:

Love Island USA - Season 6
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Episode 601 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jana Craig, Coye Simmons -- (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock) /

My money is on JaNa and Coyne

No. 1 -- JaNa and Coyne: This is the couple I believe is most likely to make it out of the island together. JaNa and Coyne seem to have had an instant connection and are both excellent communicators. If they don't leave together, I'll be surprised, but I'm still willing to bet they'll go far.

No. 2 -- Kaylor and Aaron: Aaron was not kidding when he said he loves blondes, pairing up with Kaylor right away. They don't have too much in common, but this can be a good thing. Kaylor shares that she loves Chipotle, and Aaron has no idea what that is. In fact, Aaron is a vegan so his meal options are limited. But Kaylor doesn't seem to mind!

No. 3 -- Serena and Kordell: I don't think Serena and Kordell are going to make it past next week's episode. For starters, Coyne was Serena's first pick. She also brings up the age difference (it's only three years, Serena, please!), and isn't impressed by Kordell's long-term goals. They have a lot of things in common, though, but this isn't always a good thing.

No. 4 -- Liv and Rob: Rob was first paired with leah, until Liv stole him away. Instead of being excited about this, Rob seems to be hesitant. I think he may want to go back to Leah, but time will tell.

No. 5 -- Hannah and Kendall: I don't think Kendall clicked with any of the women there, especially not Hannah. In fact, I don't think any of the men were into Hannah, either. These two are either going to leave alone or pair with someone else in the coming episodes.

Leah is single, but two new men walk in as the episode ends. Next week should be interesting!

Which couple are you rooting for?