Love Island USA season 6 episode 25: The biggest jaw-dropping moments 

LOVE ISLAND USA -- Pictured: Ariana Madix -- (Photo by: Kim Nunneley/Peacock)
LOVE ISLAND USA -- Pictured: Ariana Madix -- (Photo by: Kim Nunneley/Peacock) /

How are my fellow islanders feeling? I thought I’d check on you because that was a wild episode we just witnessed. And I have a feeling we ain’t seen nothing yet! Love Island USA season 6 episode 26 is going to be HUGE! But before we get there, let’s process our feelings about episode 25 by reviewing the biggest jaw-dropping moments. 

Spoiler alert! 

Before you read on, please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Love Island USA season 6. We will be going over big events that took place in season 6 episode 25 (as well as prior episodes). Head on over to Peacock so you can stream anything you may have missed before reading below. 

Ladies, don’t be a Kaylor 

Kaylor cried a whole river after watching a snippet of what Aaron has been up to at Casa and for what? To forgive him in a record-breaking amount of time? After sobbing uncontrollably, all it took for Kaylor to take Aaron back was…well, nothing really. Let’s be honest, Aaron didn’t do anything to win her back. And am I blind or did Aaron not shed a single tear for Kaylor? Because I didn’t see any. Not even crocodile tears. Nada.  

When Rob threatened to leave the villa, however, Aaron was an inconsolable mess. Get your priorities straight, Aaron! But let’s not put the blame entirely on him. Aaron is likely not showing any emotions because he knows Kaylor will take him back, anyway. And she does. Can we also quickly remember how hard Aaron was on Kaylor when she kissed someone else in the early episodes of the show? He made her feel awful for what she did! Girls, be more like Serena! Well, maybe take things down a notch or two. But we don’t need more Kaylors in the world. Have some self-respect, ladies! 

Kaylor and Aaron and Andrea and Rob 

What a nasty, nasty mess we have here! Kaylor forgave Aaron and is ready to move forward. She says she trusts Aaron and knows that he is a good man. Sure, girl. Anyway, during a game, Andrea found out a thing or two about Aaron she did not know. Particularly about just how bad his behavior during his stay at Casa Amor was. Kaylor also learned that audiences are not fans of Aaron at all, which worries her because she may not know Aaron as well as she thought. 

As for Andrea and Rob, their relationship still makes no sense to me. Rob is the most uninteresting guy at the villa. He doesn’t seem to care about any of the girls and is just there to be there. A comment about Aaron passing Andrea over to Rob was also brought up, which is true. They seem to be the only people who don’t think this is such an odd thing to do. 

Is Daia a fangirl?

My my, what do we have here? Early on in the season, Kordell shared how he has ghosted hundreds of women because he quickly learns that they were only interested in him to get to his brother, Odell Beckham Jr. (aka OBJ), a famous NFL player. 

I already knew Kordell made a mistake bringing Daia to the villa. Sure, Serena wasn’t always kind to Kordell. She did friendzone him and tease him. But I get where she is coming from when she says Kordell disrespected her. He did. Kordell takes it too far with Daia, a girl who was suspiciously super interested in Kordell from the start. Well, in season 6 episode 25, it is revealed that Daia knew exactly who Kordell’s brother is and she is accused of being with Kordell for that very reason. Yikes! 

Tonight, July 9, Movie Night arrives at the villa! The girls will get to see with their very own eyes everything the guys were up to at Casa Amor. It’s going to be intense, to say the least. Kaylor is about to cry us a river all over again, but I’m over it! In a teaser, Aaron tells Rob that Kaylor needs to either drop it (as in stop bringing up what he did) or drop him. Gee. How about you own up to your actions, Aaron? And show a little compassion? 

Love Island USA season 6 episode 25 airs tonight, July 9, at 9 p.m. ET, only on Peacock.

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