Percy Jackson and the Olympians makes Most Popular TV Rotten Tomatoes list

Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Credit: Disney
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Credit: Disney /

A new year means new TV shows to watch but what if a majority of the TV shows you want to watch have not been released yet? Well, that is where Rotten Tomatoes has got you covered!

With last year's Writers and Actors Strikes occurring, we knew this would affect media content in 2024. This means either it's time to binge-watch or rewatch TV shows you've already seen or check out the limited new shows that have been released.

Considering Marvel Studios Disney Plus Echo and Peacock's Ted won't be arriving for at least another week, we've been diving into some binge-watching of our own of some of our favorite 2023 TV shows. All the same, we were curious to know what people were watching in the new year.

Which TV shows made Rotten Tomatoes Most Popular TV list?

So, we took a quick trip to Rotten Tomatoes to learn that TV shows such as Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Disney+), Reacher (Amazon Prime Video), Fargo (Hulu), Dr. Death (Peacock) and Fool Me Once (Netflix) all made the website's Most Popular TV list. Ironically the only TV show on this list that is not certified fresh is Money Heist: Berlin, coming in at only 50%.

Although we have been hearing rather conflicting reviews of Fool Me Once as well. We have to admit Disney+ may have struck gold with this new tactic of reimagining previous franchises, as both Goosebumps and Percy Jackson and the Olympians seem to receive positive reviews.

But will they bring that same energy to the live-action Gargoyles TV show? Which other franchises do they plan to reimagine in the future?

What TV shows have you been watching so far? What new TV shows do you plan to watch this year?

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Are you surprised by this list? What TV shows did you think you were going to see on the list?

Let us know in the comments below!