Presumed Innocent episode 4 stacks even more evidence against Rusty (Recap)

Presumed Innocent episode 4, Apple TV+
Presumed Innocent episode 4, Apple TV+ /

The more we learn about Rusty and Carolyn’s relationship, the more suspicious he looks. And let’s just say, Presumed Innocent episode 4 doesn’t exactly help his case. 

Presumed Innocent is based on Scott Turow’s novel of the same name, which follows Rusty, one of the top attorneys in Chicago. Rusty’s life spirals out of control after he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his colleague, Carolyn, who Rusty was having a secret affair with. Throughout the series, viewers have been learning crucial details about the case, but we are not close to figuring things out thanks to the twists, turns, and clever writing. Needless to say, if you are not already watching, you’re missing out! 

Spoiler alert! Please note there are spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Presumed Innocent. The first four episodes of the crime drama are now streaming. 

Will Rusty be able to catch a break? It seems that every time he takes one step forward to prove his innocence, he takes two steps back. And episode 4 was a major setback, though do we now have a new suspect?  

At the end of episode 3, Rusty is surprised to see his son Kyle outside of Carolyn’s house. Rusty rushes to ask his son about it. Kyle tells his dad that he was only passing by, but confesses that he overheard his parents talking about Rusty’s affair, so Kyle wanted to see Carolyn just out of curiosity. Rusty isn’t sure he believes his son, are you? Personally, I do not believe Kyle is involved.

Meanwhile, even though Raymond has agreed to help his friend doesn’t mean he isn’t upset with Rusty. He straight up tells Rusty that he broke his family and betrayed them by having an affair. Rusty only cares because he was caught. Tell him, Raymond! To Rusty’s favor, at least Raymond truly does believe his friend is innocent and tries to argue that Guardia and Molto do not have enough evidence Rusty had anything to do with Carolyn’s murder. This changes, however, after the autopsy finds Rusty’s skin under Carolyn’s fingernails. Now, Rusty has been pretty honest about everything, but he insists that this is impossible, accusing Guardia’s team of foul play. 

A small step forward that Rusty does take, is finding out who the second spermatozoa sample found on Bunny Davis belongs to, a man named Ratzer. Rusty and Rodrigues attempt to interrogate Ratzer, but he is unwilling to help. Later, Ratzer unexpectedly appears at Rusty’s home, and Rusty is not happy about it. A fight ensues and Rusty beats Ratzer. This shows another side of Rusty, one he may not have wanted to display. It insinuates that Rusty is quick to react and has a short temper. What did I say? One step forward, two steps back.

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