Pretty Little Liars: Summer School goes to Hell in episode 6 (Recap)

With just two more episodes before the season finale, PLL: SS finally showcases the highly-anticipated Redemption House, and it's more horrific than expected.
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6 on Max
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6 on Max /

Welcome back, Liars! The drama is heating up as we move into episode 6 of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. The newest episode, "Chapter Sixteen: Hell House" has the opportunity to build on a lot of reveals from last episode (Episode 5 recap here).

With only two more episodes before the finale, it is time for the show to stop wavering and dive in to the insanity. This episode actually did a decent job of this, with focused plotlines and effectively horrifying moments throughout. Even so, you can be forgiven if you missed some of the many details in the newest episode. Here's a complete breakdown of the relationship drama, cult accusations, and big reveals.

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Setting up the main plot points of this episode

"Hell House" begins with a quick recap of Noa's Final Girl Test, now with Jen being in on the Bloody Rose insanity. Thanks to her role in Noa's escape, she is eagerly welcomed into the group. Despite one lover now knowing the truth, however, Noa decides not to tell Sean, instead giving him the money Jen acquired to pay him back.

Summer school is progressing as normal when Kelly comes to class to announce Redemption House, which is conveniently being held at Imogen's old house. The group debates whether or not they should go, and Imogen insists (again) that any future confrontations with Bloody Rose should be done as a group.

The Liars then split up to either go to work or meet up with romantic partners. At the Orpheum, Tabby worries that Wes hasn't been seen in days. While he was angry the last time she saw him, this long of an absence is uncharacteristic. When the theater's electrician finds a dead possum, Tabby imagines it is Wes's body instead.

At Pinball Pizza, Jen and Noa talk about how to move forward. Although Noa had theoretically chosen Shawn at the end of last episode, that was clearly done under duress. Trying to figure out what Noa wants, Jen pitches the idea that the three of them could try to become a throuple.

However, the biggest topic for the episode (and its early scenes) is Redemption House. Faran confronts Greg about it and Mouse talks to Ash, both of whom have similar ideas of what is going on. Ash accuses it of being, as the title says, a "hell house," which is essentially a religious-themed haunted house often used to spread hatred toward the LGBT+ community.

Ash is organizing protests against Redemption House, while the Liars are desperate to understand why Kelly of all people would be the face of this. Tabby refers to hell houses as "real life horror movies with awful messaging," and that seems like a strange route for someone who survived a horror movie just a few months ago to take.

They decide to confront her outside the house, trying to figure out specifically why Kelly is involved and why she didn't object to the location. Kelly tries to explain it as her way through the pain and trauma of last year. "You guys can call it a Hell house if you want. Fine. But the fact is, we're in Hell." This infuriates Faran, who decides "Some people just can't be saved."

Johnny tries to help Imogen accept the location, but she explains just how much this concept could re-traumatize her. Not only did her mom kill herself in the house, but Imogen had to find her and was the one to clean the blood afterward. On top of all of that, she almost died there too. It's a great scene, setting up perfectly for just how awful Redemption House truly will be.

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Redemption House is a targeted attack on the Liars

Just minutes before Redemption House is set to open, Greg goes through it and confronts Kelly. He sees exactly how horrible it is, but she berates him and tells him to do his part anyway. This is one of the first signs that Greg's own redemption is incoming.

The Liars are outside the house, trying to decide whether it will do them any good to see what's inside. While they debate, Mrs. Langsbury (Chip's mother) appears to yell at them Imogen and Tabby about how they're liars who killed her son. That should be proof enough of how bad this will be, but they decide to go in anyway.

Inside, there seems to be a room based on each of the girls' trauma (except Faran). The first directly mirrors Mouse's conversations with Steve Bowers in the first season, implying that she was opening herself up to the devil with her attempts to help him. Next is a drug den, which gives Noa flashbacks of her mother's experiences.

From there, there is a party scene where people are drinking. The girls act as if they are drugged and are carted off by guys to be assaulted. This triggers flashbacks for both Tabby and Imogen, and if Mrs. Beasley was involved in the scripting, it seems to suggest that she does believe them--she just doesn't care.

The fourth room is relatively weak comparatively. Both Henry and Greg are involved in a scene that seems to show gay guys looking ta pornography. Faran goes off on them both, but it is a significantly less specific attack than any of the others.

Finally, they enter Imogen's mom's bedroom, where Kelly is on the bed with fake cuts, 'bleeding out.' Imogen starts to have a panic attack, so they leave, but before they move on, she takes an axe to the power box to shut the whole thing down.

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The girls resolve to stop caring for those who keep hurting them

When they go back to the pizza place to recover, they all vow to be done with caring for Kelly. Her participation in such a targeted attack on each of her supposed friends is completely unforgivable. In Tabby's words, "the true face of evil... that's hell house." Mirroring their condemnation, Bloody Rose appears at Redemption House. Pastor Malachi claims that she doesn't scare him, so she stabs him in the head and drags him away.

Despite their horror at what Kelly and the other church members have done, Mouse suggests that they find something positive to do. Ash had mentioned his frustration that he was denied a permit for a Pride party earlier in the episode, so she recommends they throw their own and give people the chance to create protest signs at the same time.

Imogen, however, can't move forward until she confronts Kelly. She storms into the Beasley house to yell at her, unable to understand how someone who used to be her friend could so blatantly create a haunted house to mock her trauma. Kelly stays firm on her religious explanation, and Imogen tells her that, if her mother is in hell for her actions, then so are Karen and Sheriff Beasley.

While Tabby has managed to move forward from the house, she has become paranoid about Wes's disappearance. She and Christian go to his house, where the door was unlocked. They find a bunch of horror masks, which leads Tabby to believe that Wes is involved with making videos for SpookySpaghetti. That's enough for her to stop caring where he is.

They all try to move forward by embracing the Pride party at the Millwood Pool. Tabby and Imogen are making protest posters while their respective boyfriends get along. Mouse and Ash are enjoying themselves, and Faran gets the unexpected news that Greg heard her, leaving Kelly and the church to support the LGBT+ community.

The only one not having a good time is Noa, who is insanely jealous that Jen is flirting with someone else. She admits that she had been with Jen multiple times while dating Shawn, and the others say that they already suspected that. After talking about how conflicted she was, Noa decides that she does like Jen better thanks to their similar upbringings.

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Fighting back has some surprising results

The Liars get the idea to scare the "hell" out of the church members to punish them for Redemption House. They plan to wear some of Christian's masks and have the guys record everybody's reactions. Greg asks if he can help, and Faran welcomes him into the group.

Before enacting their plan, Noa goes home to break up with Shawn. However, he comes home angry because somebody broke into his house and stole around $2,000 worth of their things. His mom accused Noa of having done it, and he re-affirms that he would never believe Noa would do something like that.

But there is someone known for stealing. Noa confronts Jen, asking if she had broken into Shawn's house to get the money to pay him back. She did, which seems to decide who Noa will pick after all. Jen lashes back out, upset that Noa doesn't seem to know who she wants. Noa tells her that she needs one more day.

This leads into the raid on Redemption House. It all starts fun, and while there is some property damage, it honestly feels earned given how horrific the different scenes were. Imogen goes upstairs to confront Kelly, but instead finds a note: "Sometimes a final girl doesn't get a warning call."

Bloody Rose enters and immediately attacks her. There is no test here; there's just a fight. Imogen gets a lot of good blows in and gets Rose away from her knife, but the killer wraps gauze around Imogen's throat, choking her. She tears at Bloody Rose's mask and screams. The others come running up, where Imogen is sitting on the bed, staring in horror. She saw who was behind the mask. So who is Bloody Rose? According to Imogen: "My mom."

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