Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 5 recap: What in the holy mother of god is going on here?

It's time for Noa's Final Girl test, while the church and some of its followers are freaking us out. Here's what happened in this week's episode of PLL: Summer School on Max.
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A lot happened in this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. And in my opinion, it's the best one so far! Episode 5, "Chapter Fifteen: Friday the 13th," saw a lot of different storylines for the characters, but I think it's all going to come back and connect to the overarching story eventually.

We've officially reached the halfway point of the season, with only four more episodes to go! The most interesting aspects for me are Noa's Final Girl test and the reveal of whatever is happening at Our Mother of Holy Grace. Need a refresher on what happened? We've got you! Read on for the recap of episode 5 below.

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Dr. Sullivan's got a secret

Dr. Sullivan's got a secret, and she can't keep it any longer! The girls get very suspicious of their therapist after learning that the real Rose Waters (whose either dead or run away never to be found, again after jumping in the water when the Liars found her in episode 4), was a patient of hers at Radley Sanitarium (yup, the same one from the original PLL series). Immediately this breaks their trust, and they don't want to see her anymore. Imogen is a bit reluctant because she's clearly formed a close and comfortable relationship with Dr. Sullivan. And she's worried because she's on meds. But ultimately, she agrees with her friends.

Imogen and Tabby go as far as sleuthing to figure out how their parents found the doctor in the first place, and break into her office to look at their files. It turns out Dr. Sullivan has been recording all their sessions without their permission, and transcribed them word for word. This makes her immediately suspicious to the Liars, but she has an explanation. Dr. Sullivan is writing a book about their traumatic experience in the hopes of it being a "how-to" overcome trauma to help other young women. But Imogen, Tabby, Noa, Faran, and Mouse are not having it. And I can't really blame them.

They quit therapy and Dr. Sullivan is No. 1 on their "Who is Bloody Rose?" list. Though for me, I don't think she's A. I don't get that vibe from Dr. Sullivan. Plus, that would be an easy reveal. Shows like to do this to throw us off before revealing who the true killer is. And that's what's going to happen with PLL: Summer School I'm sure. We'll have to wait and see if I'm right in this assumption!

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Noa's Final Girl test

Noa is a bit all over the place in episode 5, and we're definitely questioning her decisions. Overcome with dread and frustration from the pressure of Bloody Rose and the reveal that Dr. Sullivan was Rose Waters' therapist, Noa finds comfort in Jen. In more ways than one. The two start kissing, and also end up sleeping together. Though, Noa doesn't know how to feel about it or what to do next. It isn't fair to Jen and it isn't fair to Shawn who's actually a really good boyfriend. This is not an easy decision for Noa to make.

After Shawn's mom comes to yell at Noa for asking him to give her $2,000 to bail Jen out (his mom doesn't know that's what the money was used for), Shawn decides to move out and move in with Noa. And Jen. Yup, awkward. This is going to get harder and harder for Noa, and I can just see it blowing up in her face. Hopefully she can make a decision before that happens! But things are already coming to a head when Noa gets a rose and note from Bloody Rose. It's time for her Final Girl test.

She's asked to go to the running path she and Shawn had been at earlier alone at night, or one of her beloved's - Jen or Shawn - will die. Noa pushes Jen away and says some pretty harsh things so Jen will distance herself, to protect her. Noa's Final Girl test is to run barefoot through a path of thorned red roses while a very scary dog is following her. All she can do is run and do it through the pain as her feet bleed. Even though she was hurt, Jen ended up following Noa and is her saving grace to get away.

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What in the holy mother of god is going on here?

While the main focus of this episode of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School was Noa, Faran and Imogen both got a lot of screen time as well. Let's start with Faran. She and Henry have been on the rocks, but it's most evident in this episode. Though she gives him some more chances, more than I think he deserves to be honest, she reaches the last straw. At his insistence, Faran visits the Our Mother of Holy Grace to help her understand her boyfriend's commitment to it. It doesn't seem bad at all, with everyone providing confessions and it being a safe space to talk. But, things take a very weird and wacky turn.

Greg, who is working at the pool with Faran, tells her there's an exclusive and more intense ceremony some of the members take part in. And guess whose in those? Yup, Kelly and Henry. Faran decides to go check it out and gets an eyeful for sure. The way they're trying to connect with God reflects the same way Bloody Rose's followers were reaching for her as we saw in the beginning of episode 5.

It was interesting to see those two sides. Faran is freaked out, as one would be, and runs off. Henry follows her, and it's official. They've called it quits. This needed to happen a while ago, so I'm happy to see it. Speaking of crazy, Mouse's grandmother was on SpookySpaghetti and the followers slashed their foreheads for Bloody Rose to commemorate Friday the 13th. So, yeah. That happened. What does Bloody Rose need these followers for?

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Imogen and her dad

Imogen's father randomly shows up at the ice cream shop where she works, and tells her he'd like to start spending more time with her. And of course she's happy about this. He's also engaged to a woman named Rebecca, and hadn't told her before as she was processing all the trauma she'd been through. He invites her over for dinner so the two ladies in his life can meet. At first, it's all pleasant and it seems like this relationship is going to work. However, Imogen becomes triggered when she sees her mom's wedding ring on Rebecca's finger.

Her dad, Sawyer, tries to explain that it's his mother's ring and Davie returned it to him after the two got a divorce. I mean, it's a bit shallow. But he does have a good explanation. Though Imogen is not here for it. At all. She freaks out and is super angry, but Johnny, who tagged along, is able to calm her down enough to get her out of there. And before she leaves, she tells her dad not to seek her out ever again. Ouch. Poor Imogen.

I have to say that Johnny and Tabby's boyfriend, Christian, are great additions this season. The chemistry between Imogen and Johnny, and Tabby and Christian, is so good. And I love that Imogen and Tabby are even closer this season, especially with their girl talk moments at home. It's so sweet. Speaking of Tabby, what is up with her jerk boss, Wes. He's so jealous of her. It's not a good color on you, man.

And that's the show! We end on the cliffhanger of Noa being attacked by Bloody Rose, but at least Jen was there to the rescue. Be sure to come back to Show Snob next week as we review and recap episode 6!

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