Prime Video canceling Outer Range after two seasons is a huge mistake

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Unfortunately, the wild time-travel Western adventures of the Abbott family are no more. Prime Video has canceled Outer Range after only two seasons, and no reasoning has been given. And honestly, this comes as a huge shock and just does not make any sense to me. I really think the streamer made a big mistake here.

First, it doesn't make sense based on the viewership numbers. For us as an audience, when we like a show of course we're not thinking of how many people are tuning in. We just want more of the story we love, no matter what. But we need to be realistic. Production companies, networks, and streamers look at those numbers first and foremost. And I get it. It makes sense.

According to Deadline, Outer Range season 2 reached the No. 3 spot on the Nielsen Streaming Originals chart in the U.S. the week of May 20, when it first premiered. That was followed by the No. 8 spot the week of May 27, per the news outlet. While it didn't take the very top spot and did end up moving down a bit, imagine just how many shows there are around and how much competition there is. Holding those rankings isn't bad at all.

Cecilia Abbott (Lili Taylor) and Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) in Outer Range season 2 on Prime Video
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Next comes just the uniqueness of the story. I mean, who would have thought that Western drama and sci-fi thriller could meet into one intriguing tale? I sure didn't and was skeptical going into the series at first, I won't hide that. But this is actually what made Outer Range stand out. The creative team took a risk, and I think it really paid off. And I know many of you also feel the same way. It's an intricate world with lots of time-travel that will make your head hurt. But it's such a compelling story that stands out amongst the many repetitive sorts of shows we have around today. It really is one of the best shows that was around.

Plus, and this is what's probably most frustrating for fans, the season 2 finale left us with many questions and it's clear that there's more story to tell if a third season had happened. The biggest one of course is the ramifications of Perry going back in time and preventing himself from killing Trevor Tillerson. Because instead, Trevor was able to kill that timeline's Perry. But somehow, that didn't affect the timeline. Or will it? We're just left with so many questions. I aat least wish Prime Video gave us one more season to wrap things up.

Overall this series has a pretty decent audience tuning in, is truly unique, and now the show has ended with lots of questions roaming around in our minds. That's why it's really disappointing that the Western sci-fi drama was canceled, and why I think that Outer Range season 3 deserved a third season. What do you think?

Outer Range seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Prime Video.

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