Ruby and James' story continues: Maxton Hall - The World Between Us season 2 is a go! (Here's what we know so far)

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Ruby and James' love story captivated us, and so many around the world, in Maxton Hall - The World Between Us on Prime Video. The great news is that just around a month after the series debuted on the streaming service, there's already amazing news. Season 2 is happening! And there's already a lot of things we know about it. Ready to jump in? Let's do it!

Season 2 is currently in production

Even though the show just dropped in May 2024 on Prime Video, Maxton Hall - The World Between Us has already gotten the green light for season 2. And, the second season is already filming! That's such great news as us fans can be rest assured that work on the next chapter of this story is already happening. Things don't usually move this quickly, but it's not surprising due to the show's success.

According to Prime Video, the German series has been the "most successful international original series in Prime Video history." And the numbers show it! The streamer shares that the drama reached the No. 1 spot in over 120 territories that offers Prime Video during the first week of its premiere. The platform has some great series' to watch, and this one is definitely one of them.

The first season filmed in London, Oxford, and Berlin. Season 2 has set up shop in London and Berlin to bring the story to life once more. Martin Schreier is back as director with showrunner and head writer Ceylan Yildirim, Markus Brunnemann, and Valentin Debler as producers.

No episode count has been shared yet. Though with the first season being six episodes, it's very likely that will be case with the second season as well. No release date has been set yet.

Maxton Hall - Ep. 1
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What is Maxton Hall - The World Between Us season 2 about?

Prime Video is just giving us treat after treat as a synopsis has already been shared too! Check it out below:

"Those who fly high can also fall low...After their passionate night together in Oxford and her greatest life goal within reach, everything seems to be going perfectly for Ruby. But a stroke of fate in James' family changes everything and James himself, of all people, brings her back from cloud nine to a harsh reality. Ruby is devastated. She has never had such strong feelings for anyone as she does for James - and she has never been so hurt by anyone either. She wants her old life back, where no one at Maxton Hall knew her and she wasn't part of the elitist world of her classmates. But she can't forget James - especially since he's doing everything he can to win her back."

In case you didn't know, Maxton Hall - The World Between Us is actually based on a trilogy novel series by author Mona Kasten:

  • Book 1: Save Me
  • Book 2: Save You
  • Book 3: Save Us

The first season, which became a hit, adapted the first book, Save Me. And now, season 2 will be bringing the tale of Save You to life from page to screen. Due to the drama's immediate success and the fact that it's a trilogy, I have high hopes that Prime Video will also bring the show back for a season 3 to close it out with Save Us. Fingers crossed!

Maxton Hall - Ep. 1
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Cast: Who's coming back? (See a photo from the new season)

Of course our two main leads are making a return, the story is all about them and their road to love! Damian Hardung as James and Harriet Herbig-Matten as Ruby will be reprising their roles. In fact, Prime Video released two new on-set images of the leading couple. See the first above (featured image), and we shared the second one below! Here's the rest of the Maxton Hall season 2 cast:

  • Damian Hardung as James
  • Harriet Herbig-Matten as Ruby
  • Sonja Weißer as Lydia
  • Ben Felipe as Cyril
  • Fedja van Huêt as Mortimer
  • Runa Greiner as Ember
  • Justus Riesner as Alistair
  • Andrea Guo as Lin

Check out one of the first-look images of Hardung and Herbig-Matten below!

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Recapping season 1 and what it means for season 2

The first season saw Ruby and James get off on the wrong foot so to speak. But when they're forced to work together for a donation gala at their school, Maxton Hall, they start to get closer and actually get to know one another. Ruby is at the school on a scholarship while James is living an affluent life. Their social classes couldn't be more different. But the connection between the two is definitely there. Their first kiss happens at the gala.

But it isn't until the season finale, episode 6, where they kiss and sleep together after a passionate banter. This is when they decide to be a couple. Though as we saw in the final moments, there's troubles ahead for Ruby and James. With the news that his mother passed away, he goes to Ruby's house. But finding her happy with the ones closest to her, he decides to leave. And I'm assuming James is going to spiral in a not so good way. Oh, and Ruby got into Oxford which is what she's always dreamed of!

A big reveal and what sets everything in motion between Ruby and James is his sister Lydia and the fact that she and Professor Sutton are dating. But the biggest shocker came when we find out that Lydia is pregnant. When Ruby sees her, she convinces Lydia not to give up the baby. She can still attend university while being a single mother. And Lydia agrees with Ruby and decides to keep the baby. All I have to say about James and Lydia's father is that he's a horrible man. He forbids James not to see Ruby, though his son ignores him, and tells Lydia she'll never take over the family business. Rude. All of these storylines will continue in the second season and effect each of the characters.

Stay tuned to Show Snob as we bring you news and updates about Maxton Hall - The World Between Us season 2 on Prime Video!

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