Show Snob's Premiere Review: What to Watch, Wait and See, and Pass on this week (January 8, 2024)

The Brothers Sun is action packed and really funny.
The Brothers Sun is action packed and really funny. /

Premieres begin to pick up this week with the release of Ted, Echo, and La Brea. Show Snob's Premiere Review takes a look at the newest release from Netflix this week, The Brothers Sun. First, here are the current very watchable shows that have been released recently or still airing their seasons.

  • Bookie (MAX): All episodes streaming.
  • Fargo (Hulu)
  • A Murder at the End of the World (Hulu): All episodes streaming.
  • Julia (MAX): All episodes streaming.
  • The Crown (Netflix)
  • Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Apple TV+). Season finale this week.
  • For All Mankind (Apple TV+). Season finale this week.
  • Beacon 23 (MGM+): All episodes streaming.
  • Invincible (Amazon Prime Video)
  • The Culprits (Hulu): All episodes streaming.
  • Jack Reacher (Amazon Prime Video)
  • Los Farad (Amazon Prime Video) 
  • Yu Yu Hakusho (Netflix)
  • Berlin (Netflix)

The Brothers Sun (Netflix)

Starring Michelle Yeoh (American Born Chinese), The Brothers Sun is about Taiwanese organized crime (the Triads). The show takes place in Taiwan but mostly in Los Angeles and has some Chinese subtitles but is mostly in English.

The story is about a gang war between the Taiwan Triads. When there is an attempted murder of Yeoh's husband and her son, the son travels to Los Angeles where Yeoh and her other son live in hiding. There is a secret about why Yeoh is so important.

The Taiwan son has been raised as a gang assassin. The Los Angeles son is in college, pre-med, and is very interesting in honing his Improv skills.

The Brothers Sun has some great action, especially hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, Yeoh, who is a great action star, doesn't participate in much of that aspect of the show. Coupled with the action is a dry, sarcastic, subtle sense of humor as well as a decently complicated organized crime storyline.

Verdict: The Brothers Sun - Watch.

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