If you liked the Ted prequel series, here's when you can stream the movie on Peacock!

The original movie is coming to Peacock on June 1.
TED -- "Desperately Seeking Susan" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) Max Burkholder as John, Seth MacFarlane as voice of Ted -- (Photo by: PEACOCK)
TED -- "Desperately Seeking Susan" Episode 105 -- Pictured: (l-r) Max Burkholder as John, Seth MacFarlane as voice of Ted -- (Photo by: PEACOCK) /

Ted has been a hit TV show on Peacock, but can you also watch the original film there? As of right now, no. But, it's arriving very, very soon. Find out when!

Thankfully for fans, Peacock’s June listing confirms that the original Ted movie will be on the streamer starting Saturday, June 1, 2024. That will be a good connection to the TV show and boost things for fans. 

However, it appears Ted 2 is still only available on Max. It’s unusual, but it is tied to some studio rights as Universal Studios made the movies and the series yet there's some ties to HBO. It’s possible Ted 2 can still come to Peacock but it might be a bit longer. At least fans know that starting June 1, they can enjoy the glorious madness of Ted on Peacock and make for a fun binge alongside the comedy show.

Ted - Season 1
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Seth McFarlane has always been known for his irreverent humor, leading to animated comedy hits like Family Guy and American Dad as well as the sci-fi series The Orville. That hasn't always translated to movies, however with one notable exception. His biggest movie success was easily 2012’s Ted, which was a story only McFarlane could create.

It's centered on a classic idea as young John wishes his beloved teddy bear Ted could come to life which comes true. What looks like a wonderful family film soon turns into a raunchy comedy as in the present day, Ted and an adult John (Mark Wahlberg) live rough lives with Ted constantly getting into trouble with some foul-mouthed antics. 

The movie was a box office hit, grossing almost $600 million worldwide. It spawned a 2015 sequel, which wasn’t quite as successful but the potential was there. That came up with a TV show, also titled Ted which premiered on Peacock in early 2024.

The show flashes back to John (now played by Max Burkholder) as a teenager in 1993 with Ted (once more voiced by McFarlane) attending school with him. It plays on some comedy trops with the nutty aspect of a talking teddy bear causing problems. It captures the same wild humor of the movies and uses the freedom of Peacock to indulge in stuff a network comedy wouldn’t touch. This has been a hit with a second season being ordered. So there's even more to come!

The Ted prequel series is currently streaming on Peacock, with the original movie coming on Saturday, June 1, 2024.