When is HBO's The Sympathizer series finale? (Everything to know)

The Sympathizer is one of HBO's best shows of the year, and the series finale is quickly approaching! Here is everything you need to know.
Robert Downey Jr., The Sympathizer on HBO
Robert Downey Jr., The Sympathizer on HBO /

HBO released The Sympathizer in April, giving subscribers one of the best series of the year. Fans and critics can't recommend the spy-thriller enough, praising the brilliant performances and clever storytelling. If you have not been watching, you are missing out! Now, it may be too late to catch up on The Sympathizer before the series finale, but it is very much worth binge-watching over a long weekend.

The streaming platform may not feature as many menu options as its competitors, such as Netflix, but here at Show Snob, we believe that it is quality over quantity. The Sympathizer features an all-star cast that includes Hoa Xuande, Fred Nguyen Khan, Sandra Oh, Robert Downey Jr., and others. Call me biased because I'm a big fan of RDJ, but his involvement is one of the best things about the miniseries. The actor takes on multiple roles, proving he is one of the best actors of this generation.

Before we dive into more details about the remaining episodes, including the finale, check out the trailer here:

The Sympathizer is based on Viet Thanh Nguyen's novel of the same name that Pham Xuan An, a North Vietnamese super spy, partially inspired. Though not a true story, the HBO miniseries did take its inspiration from the pages. We follow the life of Captain (portrayed by Hoa Xuande), a spy who is forced to flee to the United States and go undercover for an unexpected mission that goes sideways. Captain is torn between staying loyal to his career or the people he has grown to care about while living in the US.

There is only one episode left at the time of this writing, which is why we mentioned that if you have been missing out on The Sympathizer, it's too late to catch up ahead of the finale. But I would still make time to binge-watch the series over a weekend. The season finale is on Sunday, May 26. Here's the full episode schedule.

  • Episode 1, "Death Wish," premiered on April 14
  • Episode 2, "Good Little Asian," premiered on April 21
  • Episode 3, "Love It or Leave," premiered on April 28
  • Episode 4, "Give Us Some Good Lines," premiered on May 5
  • Episode 5, "All for One," premiered on May 12
  • Episode 6, "The Oriental Mode of Destruction," premiered on May 19
  • Episode 7, "Endings Are Hard, Aren't They?," is coming out on May 26

All episodes (with the exception of episode 7, the finale) are streaming on Max free as part of your subscription.

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