Who might not make it out alive on this season of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School? (Speculative post)

With two more episodes left, there's still plenty of time to see some losses this season. Who could be the other targets?
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When Pretty Little Liars: Summer School started, we began with a string of murders that were considered to be loose ends for Archie Waters including Madame Giry, Marjorie's Drug Dealer, and Steve Bowers. Archie and Principal Clanton had a reason and pattern as to who they targeted. It was the moms of the girls because of what they did to Angela Waters that we learned about in Original Sin. And that's why the little liars were targeted as well. But in Summer School, it's really hard to pin down a pattern. Especially now that we know who Bloody Rose is, I can't seem to find a plausible explanation for her actions. So who could be killed by the end of the season? SPOILERS from episode 6 below.

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On Pretty Little Liars: Summer School episode 6, we learn that Bloody Rose is actually Imogen's mom, Davie Adams, who we thought was dead. Apparently she's alive, and terrorizing the girls as well as Millwood. So far, we've seen the two teens who went to the cabin looking for Bloody Rose - Sabrina and Nick - as well as Kelly's enemy at church, Sandy, killed by Bloody Rose/Davie. These seem to be random kills instead of the strategically targeted ones like Archie. And of course this time around, it's Imogen, Tabby, Faran, Noa, and Mouse who are once again receiving the messages from "A" and are forced to face the Final Girl Tests.

It's very interesting, and we still have so many questions. And I'm sure we're going to get those answers in the final two episodes coming up (June 13 and June 20, 2024). If I had to make a prediction, perhaps it's not really Davie. It could possible be an identical twin sister Imogen didn't know about. The Pretty Little Liars franchise loves to throw in these twin twists to the story. We'll see. But because the targets are so random, who might not make it out alive in PLL: Summer School? We have some predictions:

  • Shawn or Jen
  • Sidney, Tabby's mom
  • Kelly or Mrs. Beasley
  • Dr. Sullivan
  • Henry or Greg
  • One of the little liars
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Noa's Final Girl Test was revolved all around the fact that she had to protect one of her loves - Shawn and Jen as Bloody Rose threatened one of them if she didn't do what the antagonist wanted her to. Many times shows will introduce a new and likable character like Jen, and then kill them off by the end. We've already seen how much she cares about Noa too. Perhaps she'll die protecting her? It's very possible.

If Davie really is behind the bloody gauze, then maybe her bestie Sidney, aka Tabby's mom, could be a target. The parents really haven't had a big role in Summer School which is disappointing. But now that we're bringing Davie into this, she may have some unfinished business with Sidney. This would be a shame because out of all the parents, Tabby's mom has been the best.

There's also the churchgoers who are very much in a cult-like situation. Those are pretty easy targets and could include Kelly or Mrs. Beasley. Henry is still pretty brainwashed from the church and chose staying there over Faran. And though Greg left, and is actually kind of becoming a more likable character, I could see him getting killed too. Though now that Pastor Malachi is also dead courtesy of Bloody Rose, I wonder who might take over the church next.

Of course, there's also Dr. Sullivan who had a big secret she was hiding in terms of writing a book about the girls and their trauma. And perhaps Bloody Rose/Davie won't like that. She's already hurt Dr. Sullivan before, and I have no doubt that she could again. Any of these people on the list aren't safe, but especially not the five little liars.

It's hard to pin down what Bloody Rose's motivations are right now. Especially when it comes to Imogen. If it's really her mother, then this just doesn't make sense. If it's a long lost aunt she didn't know about, then there could be a number of reasons why she's salty and on a killing spree. I honestly don't think the series would kill off one of the main girls, it's a pretty low possibility. But, it's not completely impossible. Who do you think might die by the end of the season?

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